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After the earthquake, the domestic demand for Japanese metal hardware firms have an opportunity

    Surprising is that because of the earthquake, "earthquake" is not out of business opportunities in the Japanese market fell risen to two days before the opening of the Japanese buyers would be up to 1239 people,swing chain over the previous year growth of 16.89%.

    How they change the Japanese market? Chinese enterprises will meet 10-year period of opportunity.

    Than "retail" type of common buyers, purchasing groups from Japan, the voice of large multinational companies may give dose of reassurance.

    April 19, iron chain the Canton Fair will welcome the large multinational procurement recommended purchasing this first company from Japan TRIAL. Home sales in Japan, this top-ranking major supermarket chains, has sent about 100 procurement team, the procurement value is expected to reach $ 3,000,000.

    Play the peak of the Overseas Development, said the current shortage of supplies in Japan, demand high, the future will only increase the purchases will not decrease. "In particular, the next six months, with the re-start, our purchasing scale will be a substantial increase."

    "Japan after the earthquake needed goods too much." Hong Kong in the South Trading Company China Office Room long Arakawa Haruko said, "Japan's post-earthquake reconstruction has only just begun, a variety of commodities, especially building materials demand growth to continue at least 5 to 10 years. "

    Trading company in Hong Kong in the south is known to DIY construction hardware stores in Japan, the earthquake, its business grew by at least 10%. "Same, only our family to at least 30 million yen more than the purchase amount, about 90% of which is from China." Haruko said Arakawa, the Japanese earthquake, poplar plywood and even turned on sales times. "

    Arakawa child in the spring of view, the Japanese retail enterprises to enter China sourcing is not just because of the earthquake. In fact, the global financial crisis, the retailer's share of direct procurement has been increasing. Indeed, the Canton Fair, Don Quixote, Trial and other types of retailers are flocking to China, Japan, gold, cheap Chinese goods has a great advantage. "We hope that the recent sales of imported products can direct proportion from 30% to 50%, to 15 billion dollars, of which the vast majority of goods will come from China." Haruko said Arakawa.

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