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« After the earthquake, the domestic demand for Japanese metal hardware firms have an opportunity Chongqing Machinery & Electric shares four special funds to support the project by the State »

Small garment enterprises in Guangdong appreciation of the RMB exchange rate pressure

    Accelerate the pace of RMB appreciation, the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar breaking 6.54 mark last Wednesday after three consecutive days of 139 basis points higher, to 6.5301 on Friday, then a new high since the reform of foreign exchange earnings.

    In appreciation of the renminbi against the backdrop of the 109th Canton Fair in an interview exhibitors have learned that swing chain many exhibitors said that raw material prices, financing costs and foreign exchange risk control costs have made them feel more pressure, a small hardware vendors more frankly "Cost pressures have been some great unbearable."

    Accelerate the pace of yuan appreciation.

    Dr. Yufang, vice governor of Guangdong Province, said, It is estimated that by the end of last year to restart the reform on RMB appreciation for every 1 percentage point increase in the cost of export enterprises in Guangdong, about 80 million. Under the influence of multiple factors, the traditional labor-intensive enterprises,iron chain especially foreign trade export enterprises, small and medium export capacity of enterprises is limited.

    During the fair, to see a lot of booths are prominently arrayed on a brand label of the RMB exchange rate that day, exhibitors, this is more convenient to negotiate prices with overseas sourcing. Foshan Electric Company marketing department of a people that for every 1% appreciation of RMB, the enterprise will face $ 16,000 or more than one hundred thousand yuan's exchange rate losses, profits will be reduced by about 5%.

    Rose less than raw material price increase.

    Humen a clothing export business owner said the king, exporters fear most is the exchange rate movements, particularly the RMB against the U.S. dollar, the higher the appreciation of the renminbi, the greater the loss of profits. According to him, "pay, the more often the more the order did not dare to draw a line out there."

    In the Canton Fair, most of the exhibitors have said that while export prices this year will increase by 15% to 20%, but still well below the raw materials, nearly 20% to 50% gain. Ware company, a sales manager, said costs rose 15% to 20%, but offer up only 8% to 10%, customers no sincerity to talk about it. The face of price behavior of China's export enterprises, some European and American customers have cut back purchases in China, some will be more low-end commodity procurement from Southeast Asia.

    Exhibitors have expressed their desire to maintain the basic stability of foreign trade policy, especially the floating band of RMB exchange rate suggested not too large, so that exporters have time to digest the impact of the exchange rate.

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