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« Small garment enterprises in Guangdong appreciation of the RMB exchange rate pressure Baosteel steel project in Zhanjiang temporarily abandoned voted to build a wholly-owned Baosteel »

Chongqing Machinery & Electric shares four special funds to support the project by the State

    Office of the State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Office jointly issued before the technological transformation of key industries and the revitalization of the third installment of the central budget for 2010 Investment Plans.
    Chongqing,swing chain Chongqing Machinery & Electric shares owned limited liability company SSY Series Pump duty pump industry transformation projects, Chongqing Gas Compressor Factory Co., Ltd. back offshore oil exploitation associated gas compressor project in Chongqing General Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. a large special centrifuge fan technology projects, Chongqing Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. CNC gear machining of large wind power equipment R & D and industrialization of four projects with financial support from the central budget, a total of 23 million yuan, accounting for Chongqing's total annual funding of the project 9.2%.

    Currently, the project has reached 15,100 million yuan in total investment to its completion in 2012 produced, the total investment will reach 528 million yuan.

    Sany Heavy Industry ranked first worldwide sales of construction machinery.
    Published by the International Trade Advisory Yengst the 2010 World of Concrete Machinery Industry statistics released recently,iron chain the data show that from China Sany Heavy Industry (stock code: 600031) to 2.72 billion in annual sales of concrete machinery ranked first in the world . Sany Heavy Industry is also leapfrogged Germany since 2009, Putzmeister (commonly known as elephant, Germany), the second awarded in the field of world champion.

    Yengst is a US-based leading construction machinery market research firm, has about 30 years of market research experience. According to all the major manufacturer of concrete machinery concrete market in 2010 in the global volume of business, Yengst also estimate the two major German Putzmeister concrete machinery manufacturer and SCHWING were about 21 and about $ 2,200,000,000 $ 800,000,000 , while another peer companies in China Zoomlion is about 2.15 billion. Horizontal comparison, Sany Heavy Industry ranked the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturer.

    Benefit from the state has increased infrastructure investment and construction opportunities, coupled with product development, lean manufacturing, quality, service and other aspects of continuous innovation, Sany the pump, car pump, mixing station, concrete mixer and other machinery product sales in 2010, has maintained a growth rate of more than 90%, its parent company Trinity Group realized sales income of 502 billion. At present, Sany Heavy Industry sales network all over the world, and have been in India, the United States, Germany, Brazil and other countries voted to build industrial park.

    Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. invested by the Trinity Group, founded in 1994, mainly engaged in the construction machinery R & D, manufacturing and sales of leading products include concrete pump, concrete pump truck, concrete mixing plant, asphalt mixing plant, crawler cranes, etc. . Since its inception, Sany Heavy Industry sales of more than 50% annual growth rate. July 2003, Sany Heavy Industry was successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange, the current market value of more than 140 billion yuan, the highest market value of the engineering machinery industry enterprises.

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