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Export enterprise "prices rose very disturbed"

    Raw material prices, labor wages, financing expenses and a series of rising operating costs, is to bring heavy pressure on the domestic foreign trade enterprises.

    Reporters here at the 109th Canton Fair interview that, in response to upward pressure on costs, increase product prices as a large number of enterprises passive choice, as would corporate sales and export price and what impact,swing chain many business operators and industry who are "disturbed."

    "Compared to last year, the rate of increase in the overall cost of raw materials more than 10%." Opening day of the 109th Canton Fair, Ningbo Jide Electrical Appliance Company export manager Zhang Yan to complain to reporters, they are engaged in production of refrigerators, washing machines, manufacturing sales, iron chain production to be the main raw material of copper, plastic, etc. have emerged in the past year, significant price increases.

    In the Canton Fair, a large number of exhibitors selected price increases in response to "unbearable raw material cost pressures." Reporters on the scene were interviewed household appliances, hardware and building materials industry, almost without exception, dozens of companies that have raised prices.

    It is worth noting that most companies do not export prices and raw material cost level, that is, corporate profits are compressed.

    Product price will attract overseas companies to bring order to what effect? Reporters found that different industries, different types of enterprises in consumer market structure, product technology content and bargaining power, room for different, there are no small differences.

    Global Sources, held in the same period of e-procurement show in the spring, many automotive electronic products export enterprises after the product price remains optimistic about export prospects. According to the survey, although 36% of the automotive electronics supplier to increase prices in recent months to offset rising costs, but still 83% of respondents expect 2011 sales will increase.

    However, there are still a lot of business after the price increases did not end the flow of orders, especially the profit margin is not high, the price competitive industry, with a hardware product business executives as saying that "prices rose very disturbed . "

    Export production in the air-conditioning business in Europe than in the Department of Liang Yongping told reporters raised their prices at least 5%, but still far below the raw material price increases, but even so, there are still reasons for overseas customers because the price is forced to choose other export their products, "many of the same type of product manufacturers, price competition is very fierce."

    On the other hand, price increases in the export business at the same time, some foreign investors are also eyeing a relatively low production cost countries in Southeast Asia, one for overseas buyers survey, more than 30% of respondents said they would increase from Vietnam, Thailand procurement, the procurement of goods to hardware, consumer goods, fashion apparel and accessories based.

    "Clearly, the majority of the bargaining power of Chinese export enterprises are still weak." Sun Lijian said the increase in bargaining power depends on the product brand, technology level, product uniqueness, and many other factors combined to enhance, for most Chinese enterprises, " This can be achieved not happen overnight. "

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