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Analysis: energy-saving plastic mechanical drive substantial growth in the industry

    Represented by a plastic polymer material has become and steel, wood, cement, tied the four basic materials. Has also been widely used in plastic products industry and the national economy in all areas of people's lives.

    Since all plastic raw materials shall be subject to the processing of plastic machinery and mold making, molding to a wide range of plastic products for the purpose, therefore, plastic machinery has become the aerospace,swing chain defense, petrochemical, marine, electronics, optical communications, building materials, packaging, electrical , automotive and transport, agriculture and light industry sectors important to support the national economy.

    In 2010, plastic machinery industry to seize the energy-saving green products become hot market opportunities, strong R & D and production of plastic machinery products energy efficient, effectively promote the economic development of the industry. According to statistics, the annual production of plastic machinery products the industry more than 30 million units, has 10 years of the production on the highest in the world.iron chain China's plastics machinery industry output value, industrial sales output value, new product output value and export delivery value of 60% year on year increases were more substantial than the national machinery industry average year on year increase of 34%. The domestic market consumption is also presses the 29.2 billion yuan from 2009 to 2010 jumped to 479 billion yuan, up 64%; which made equipment accounted for increased to 72%. Meanwhile, industry leaders Haitian press sales of more than 2010 billion yuan, sales income in the production and highest in the world.

    In recent years, plastic machinery industry to industry to upgrade the main line, and adhere to independent innovation, energy saving, high-end development path, accelerating research cooperation, have a large number of energy efficient development and production of plastic machinery products. For example, the industry launched energy-saving plastic servo injection molding machine, according to the product geometry, product size, energy-saving rate of 40% to 80% energy savings reached the international advanced level, recognized and welcomed by the market.

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