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Baoshan iron and steel industry heavyweights steel companies face price war price adjustment

    "Due to the recent order of steel too little, so some steel mills such as Lianyuan Steel, Handan Iron and Steel's steel production line had to select some to start, and this situation is the status of common steel." Lian, a sales person in charge of Steel told the author, and is located in Guangxi's Liuzhou Iron and Steel also reduced production.

    April 19,swing chain Baoshan Iron and Steel industry heavyweights finally chose lower prices, whereas before, the domestic steel mills have been leading the prices down in April, after Baosteel in the choice of a short adhere to finally lower profile, making the price concessions.

    The market believes that this is only the beginning, will face another bottom steel prices, which have been in profit for the edge of the steel mills is a difficult test.

    Running out of high output prices.

    2011,iron chain 1 to 4 months, steel prices fixed on the surface, but secretly many steel mills in the price, but price cuts by way of subsidy in disguise. Sea (microblogging) IT steel analyst Wu Zixiang told the author, this new form of subsidy refers to the settlement Tuibu way, that is, money order in the next month will pay the subsidies into account.

    After a brief rebound in steel prices after the steel prices in April has a new change. Network statistics, according to China United Steel, Baosteel and other steel mills in April to the original price of the mainstream varieties out, only a very slight rise of individual species, but Taiyuan, Benxi Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and steel mills all of these benefits through various forms of disguised subsidies price, but mostly in the range of 200 to 300 yuan / ton.

    Come out from the high-yield low-interest of the Chinese steel industry, in the "second five" first year, steel production is still not live by impulse. According to Xun Bao Steel Association show that China's crude steel output in mid-March to 1.945 million tons, a record high, Xunbao also shows in March in a total crude steel output to 1.921 million tons, production either alone or with Xunri total daily production in mid-, met the high bits.

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