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New industry era mold analysis of enterprise information management tool

     Recently, the International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association accepted the Secretary-General Luo Baihui Network China's Sankei Shimbun interview that the development of a new generation of information technology, energy saving, new energy, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy vehicles in seven new industries and transform and upgrade the strategic mold making and other traditional industries to closely, can not ignore the fundamental role of traditional industries, emerging industries, traditional industries and integrate.

    swing chain A new generation of information technology, wide coverage, strong penetration, in all aspects of social and economic life everywhere, and everywhere packages, in the beginning of the development of new strategic industries should pay attention to the integration of information technology and industrialization. Biological industries, to develop innovative biotechnology-based species and biological drug products, develop marine industries, and promote the development of bio-manufacturing and use of key technologies. High-end equipment, a wider range of manufacturing industries, the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment, carry out general aviation aircraft and helicopters based equipment, and rail traffic, coastal engineering, etc., the development of a new generation of satellite navigation and carrier rockets and so on. New materials industry,iron chain mainly new functional materials, advanced structural materials and high-performance fiber and composite materials development, in addition to nanotechnology, superconductivity, smart materials and so on the basis of common development. New energy automotive industry closer to human life, we must focus on breakthroughs in core technologies, and promote plug-in hybrids, pure electric vehicles in production, while vigorously promoting the development of fuel-efficient vehicles.

    Mold industry network marketing prospects.

    China's mold industry information started in the 90s of last century, but because of the management system, traditional concepts such as the impact of information technology companies are often a mere formality, often only achieved in some areas of some of the functions of information systems, and even become the image of engineering , success stories, not much. Past two years, the mold industry is continuing rapid development of increasingly fierce competition, the growing importance of information and intelligence stand out the urgent need for manufacturers to information technology to enhance the long-term planning, strategic development level up. Luo Baihui resolution said, the mold industry, information technology, can be divided into two categories: First, internal information, the second refers to the mold industry, information technology. Information within the enterprise, is the integrated management of enterprise information technology all the information for the development and use of information resources, improve management, research and development capabilities, operating level, it has become a key enterprise's core competitiveness. Mold industry, information technology, Internet technology is built through the mold industry of modern information network, in order to optimize the allocation of resources in order to partially replace the flow of information flow and logistics, greatly improving the industry's operational efficiency. Information within the enterprise into the industry to provide information technology infrastructure, in turn, industry information into enterprise information for development stage.

    Since 2002, the mold industry, hot market, a strong impetus to the pace of consolidation and reorganization among enterprises, foreign giants have also landed in China die, die with the domestic production of business partnership, and since the formation of a crowded situation. WTO industrial protection end of the day draws near, the internationalization of the domestic market, the mold is full speed the process, when domestic mold manufacturing enterprises will face more intense competition, not only in the mold with the technical gap between us and the international level, need to improve the technological level, but also in business management with our foreign counterparts should learn from and absorb the advanced management ideas and successful models of enterprise information, combined with the actual management of domestic enterprises, domestic mold industry as soon as possible information. This objective requires domestic mold industry sector information platform built to adapt to the changing market dynamics and competitive environment.

    This year the domestic auto industry has maintained a strong mold development momentum, this positive development has funded enterprise information assurance and power. Overall, the joint venture enterprises, foreign enterprises are doing better information, better than the modified car vehicle manufacturers and parts manufacturers. Indeed benefit from these enterprises, such as FAW-VW, Changan, Liuzhou Wuling, etc., ERP, CRM systems are widely used. Enterprises need to constantly explore and improve information technology processes. For example Dongfeng punch in the information construction on the road, experienced by the "traditional process of information" → "IT-based information" → "business process reengineering and IT promotion information" on the idea of ??change. Enterprise information has now been more widely recognized by the mold industry, through networking between businesses, making the unprecedented popular e-commerce. Strong impetus to business and industry, information technology progress, in particular the development of e-commerce provides a new opportunity.

    Relative to international counterparts, the domestic construction industry information die at an early stage, with international standards will take time. Within the enterprise there are still many implementation obstacles.

    1. Ideas.

    Enterprise information is an enterprise of the human, financial, and material resources to optimize the configuration of a management tool. "Seeing is believing," the traditional concept of barriers in some enterprises are still unable to break.

    2. Management.

    Enterprise information related to their long-term strategic development goals, organization restructuring and business process reengineering, and some companies still remained behind the planned economy system and the management of the business, which has become a major obstacle for information. Breakthrough in the management of the existing backward, re-organization and business processes, enterprise information can smooth paved road. Upgrading of information technology while driving traditional manufacturing, advanced management concepts and the integration of information technology can bring about a qualitative leap to the enterprise. These are high-level intervention in the enterprise to complete, the enterprise's senior leaders must pay attention to and participation in information work, particularly in the information resources at the planning stage. Because information is an important resource, resource planning is directly related to how to play the role of information resources, in addition to information related to enterprise resource planning long-term development strategy, only the top leaders can decide on these important matters.

    3. The misunderstanding.

    Many mold manufacturing enterprises as the information technology planning to purchase management system in a planned way, in their planning programs is mainly reflected in the financial system, ERP system, SCM system, CRM system and other investment plans, as if through a number of years, these After purchase complete systems, enterprise information technology will reach a height. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

    In fact the goal of enterprise information needs not only in the information management system implementation and effectiveness indicators, the effect of information technology investments to be reflected in full above, information programming not only to take into account the investment efficiency of information management systems and, in addition to planning and also pay to solve the problem of human resources, security issues.

    4. Information resource planning.

    Manufacturing enterprise in the mold, regardless of product design, material parts procurement, manufacturing and assembly, or sales and customer service process, all full of information production, circulation and application. Fragmented departments of traditional enterprises, such information has not been an effective organization and utilization. The introduction of different departments or even developed their own applications, but the lack of a unified information resource planning, the formation of a number of different departments, "information islands", can not play great benefits information system.

    Achieved within each department, departments, between departments and external units frequently, a smooth flow of complex information, give full play to the role of information resources, without a unified comprehensive planning is impossible. Information resource planning for enterprise information engineering, production and operation of enterprises refers to the information they need, from the collection, processing, transmission to the use of comprehensive planning. Through information resource planning, you can sort out the business process, identify information needs, the establishment of standards and information systems enterprise information model, with these standards and models to measure the existing information systems and applications, in line with the to be inherited and to be integrated do not conform to transform the optimization or re-development, which actively and steadily promote the construction of enterprise information.

    5. People with problems.

    Enterprise information as a strategic business projects, from making the decision to organize the implementation, we need the participation of senior corporate leaders, organize teams, two categories of staff (operations staff and system analysts) of close cooperation, improve planning and control. Enterprise Information Resources Planning Group, in accordance with the functions of the domain is divided, generally there is a systematic analysis of a group of staff and several business people, and some business people through the process of information practices and learning and growth for the user analyst.

    Information Work of success often depends on whether these two types of people in close co-operation. In the requirements phase, we should pay attention to business people to play the enthusiasm and creativity; in the system modeling phase, systems analysts will have to play more knowledge and wisdom, but also pay attention to absorb the business staff management experience and business ability to judge.

    6. Control and coordination problems.

    In the information process, there must be rigorous planning and implementation of comprehensive control of the process of coordination.

    Control: First of all, the control system of the scale. System, after defining the objectives and boundaries should not be inappropriate in the expansion of the modeling process; Secondly, the control system of the refinement, regardless of model or data model, functional decomposition and refinement to be done properly handle decomposition and aggregation, coarse relationship with the fine; Finally, control consistency, earnestly implement the uniform norms and standards, those who do not meet the standards must be promptly corrected.

    Coordination: First, to coordinate information between departments and the overall interests of the information private and to overcome the tendency for personal use from mining, the pursuit of information sharing and optimization of global information resources management; Second, coordinate the relationship between two people, pay attention to mobilizing and protection of two types of staff motivation, guidance and encouragement; again, and coordinate individual and collective, group and large group relations.

    Luobai Hui said the next few years, the mold industry, information technology will be following the development trend.

    Enterprise information to speed up the process of building. After joining the WTO, the domestic market, the internationalization process of the mold began to accelerate in the information era of globalization, informatization construction of enterprises also put forward higher requirements.

    E-commerce applications will be more widespread and deepening. With each production enterprise information technology gradually improved, the business activities between the companies will change the past, "the online conversation, the line outside the transaction", and online transactions will become more frequent in general. This is not only a higher information security technology requirements of the relevant state departments also need to develop appropriate laws and regulations as a guarantee.

    Cloud computing power take-off of enterprise information.

    In recent years, the rapid development of electronic commerce has penetrated into the human production, all aspects of life, along with the popularity of the Internet, e-business environment is constantly improving. And for information technology and industrialization integration issues, Shenyang Machine Tool Consultants cattle Meng Yue said: "'integration of the two' that you have me, I have you, information in the company's products, technology, management, service and other has played an irreplaceable role. "Meanwhile, he said, technology integration is an important guarantee for product innovation.

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