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« International copper prices rose more than 3% last week, not high price of copper is expected Hardware Show still need to strengthen the rapid development of the exhibition management »

Hebei Iron and Steel Group Mine timber sales made new progress in direct supply

    Type with Hebei Iron and Steel Group Company in accordance with the deployment of sales company, increase sales efforts, direct supply, after a lot of careful and thoughtful work, direct supply customers Henan Coal Chemical swing chain Industry Group in April ordering more than 1.2 million tons, a 70% increase than usual.

    Coal Chemical Industry Group of Henan, Hebei Iron Ore direct supply timber products, the main users, the amount of 7,000 tons on an agreement, the use of mine material by the Hebei Iron and Steel Group and the Arab steel plant products. The end of March led type with company leaders to go to Zhengzhou Coal Group, the purchasing department for business exchanges,iron chain expand cooperation to discuss matters of Coal Chemical Group is willing to strengthen relations of cooperation with Hebei Iron and Steel, to achieve common development.

    Public information, Hebei Iron and Steel Group in 2009 to achieve mining production and sales of 367,000 tons of steel over plan to increase by 8.7 million tons, increased by 31.07%, record high production and sales. Texas, in the manner material Co., Ltd., Tangshan, Hebei Co., Ltd., the original mineral material of the high-end protocol agreement households increased nearly 5 million tons, making the average monthly sales of mining materials to reach 3 million tons.

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