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« Hebei Iron and Steel Group Mine timber sales made new progress in direct supply Elimination of backward production capacity, or usher in a new round of construction equipment acquisition wave »

Hardware Show still need to strengthen the rapid development of the exhibition management

    With the continuous advance of reform and opening up and China's rapid economic development, China's exhibition industry is also unprecedented development, the development of machinery exhibition provides a broad space.

    Plastic mold and metal, according to international industry leader Luo Baihui Suppliers Association survey, held annually in various exhibitions around the country over 4000, business class exhibition and machinery accounted for nearly 60% of the exhibition has become the largest component of the exhibition. Affected by the crisis, the scale of decline in European and American machinery exhibition, the audience dropped; However,swing chain in China, Brazil and other emerging countries, the exhibition is having a mechanical expansion trend, exhibiting the number of the world's leading manufacturers and new technologies, new products have reached new heights attracted global attention.

    MICE industry and market can not develop without the two factors. Yongkang example to show, relying Yongkang,iron chain Zhejiang, Jinyun the hardware industry continued to twenty years of rapid development, economic strength, technology and the substantial increase in production levels for the development of exhibition industry Yongkang provide a strong economic base and industrial background support to China Hardware Fair bigger and bigger, show turnover also hit record highs. But we should clearly understand that the exhibition industry in Yongkang and coastal areas are still gaps, show hardware backward influential professional brand show fewer number of domestic and foreign famous enterprises still do not know Yongkang this "hardware city . " The completion of the new Convention Centre, a great solution to the exhibition facilities Yongkang backwardness.

    Exhibition events in driving the development of related industries, and expand urban employment, improve the urban visibility, and promote domestic and foreign trade development, and so played a huge role, has caused the government's attention. Show more, the lack of management, and domestic exhibitions sprung up, but lack some of the exhibition presents some problems, various exhibitions held in the same period, will inevitably be suspected of cheating, Shandong, appeared in this situation.

    April 15, the exhibition also feature 12 games in the Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center, almost every game trade show known as "the first of Shandong" and even "the North first." This letter of 12 games from the Exhibition Co., Ltd. Jinan thematic exhibitions throughout the planning, before the opening referred to as "the most " exhibition, the author discovered in the interview, known as "the first in Shandong" and even "the North first," the show , not even the opening ceremony did not, show exhibitors said the truth does not match with the pre-investment information. There opening day to find nearly 20 exhibitors Exhibition Industry Association, Shandong Province, organizers asked refund the participation fee. Complex and multi-event, there have been some show to collect various fees in the name of the exhibition, exhibitors can not prevent this situation. At present, the incident has caused the development of exhibition industry in Jinan City Leading Group Office of attention.

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