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Elimination of backward production capacity, or usher in a new round of construction equipment acquisition wave

   "The only branch of industry, forklift trucks, for example, the top ten industry has been very intense competition, space is very small, can be said to have entered the era of homogeneous competition." Shandong Guangming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Song Jingkun spokesman said The new round of industry shuffling inevitable.

    Song Jingkun are engaged in the machinery industry, the current environment in which national policy can be described and the current match. Construction machinery industry exists in many backward production capacity,swing chain local governments in the duplication in this industry seriously, it was learned that the forthcoming "second Five-Year" plan will focus on promoting enterprise restructuring mergers and acquisitions, the advantages of resources to focus on competitive enterprises. Improve resource use efficiency, reducing consumption, will be the construction machinery industry, "second five" priority.

    I learned in the interview, whether it is the industry leader, such as Xugong, Trinity, Liugong, or local businesses, such as provinces, are currently actively seeking acquisition targets.

    iron chain According to industry insiders, in the layout of the domestic market, industry leaders embarked on the international agenda, launched a technology-and market access for foreign mergers and acquisitions mainly based. From the previous acquisition of the Italian Zoomlion race law, to the current output of the three brands the beginning, "Chinese samples" has become a highlight of the construction machinery industry.

    Number of mergers and acquisitions business development effort.

    "Although the market has been working with the weapons group reorganization Xu rumors, but we do not know the actual situation." XCMG head of the Propaganda Department, said in an interview, the state will soon introduce a "second Five-Year" plan to encourage industry leaders expand, XCMG has been guided by such a development strategy.

    The person in charge, after working for Xu entered into a collaboration with SAIC, the two sides agreed to Pengpu Machinery Co., Ltd. based on the common development of the bulldozers as the leading product of the construction machinery business.

    China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said Deputy Secretary-General Mao Zhongwen, "plan" will encourage industry restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, market competition and eliminate backward, control the land for low-level redundant construction projects and construction projects for approval. To the "Twelve Five" hundred enterprises of construction machinery sales volume to reach more than 85% of the entire industry, and strive to be competitive and innovative ability of large enterprises to train to become carrier-based renowned international companies.

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