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Heilongjiang Railway sensor cable assembly and mixing capabilities to improve security

    Heilongjiang Branch Railway thieves stealing wire and cable for the intelligent methods of crime trends. Branch actively organize technical staff, after many experiments and debugging, use a small relay for the cable installation,swing chain "and mixing sensor", effective way to eliminate and prevent the use of cable theft and mixing state.

   This function is simple and convenient, investment costs are low, its function principle is to use the relay node receives two distribution frame room, and access to a telephone, a relay 48 V DC load voltage, to maintain power state, iron chain then use within a node receives a pair of spare cable cores, relays open, constitute the open state, to be mixed with the cable line, the relay pick up on the contacts to form loop state, the relay automatically dial, dial the emergency call.

   Heilongjiang Branch has invested more than 500 hybrid lines using sensors on the branches all over the cable 200 on the installation. Currently, the anti-theft cable technology, Heilongjiang Branch in CRC tube well applied, Harbin, Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Jixi, Qitaihe, Hegang prevention and control of such subsidiaries have been through this means, uncovered more than Cable theft cases for the state to restore a large amount of economic loss, but also play a deterrent role of criminal elements, cable theft, sharply.

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