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« Quality and technology will be the core hardware market competition 40% of the first quarter of small and medium steel price hikes of imported iron ore prices to stop »

May sales crackdown ahead of the three thermal hardware companies Raiders

    Recently, the "stain bread," "beef cream" and "poisonous bean sprouts," "lean" and other words one after another, constantly filled with people of the eardrum, in the face of these people every day to eat into the stomach of the "poisonous" food, instant anti-counterfeiting activities began in earnest.

    Similarly,swing chain in the metal industry, the assortment of metal products are also frequent fish in the state, not only confusing to consumers, real to the enemy, but also those who make business headache. Counterfeit products not only disrupted the market order, impair the lawful rights and interests of famous product manufacturers, and more seriously, it is directly threatening the health of the masses and the environment.

    According to the hardware manufacturers to reflect the fight against counterfeit hardware products have not simply be understood as to safeguard the interests of manufacturers. While counterfeit products a lot cheaper in price,iron chain but the quality is much worse, and the short life and many other hazards will gradually affect the normal use of the consumer, thus affecting the trust of consumers genuine products. That crackdown from the perspective of hardware manufacturers, how to eliminate this social disease that it?

    The upgrading of anti-counterfeit labels.

    Counterfeit labels identify the product as evidence in the hardware market plays an important role. Therefore, more and more hardware companies have begun installation of anti-counterfeit labels on products, but as the market continues to expand, simple, single identity can not meet the security hardware market development. Therefore, identification of hardware products for upgrading the security has become subject of study.

    Yongkang hardware tool, a business person in charge said that the original anti-counterfeit laser holographic anti-counterfeit identification is mainly based, but now basically become a color change anti-counterfeit labels. In the tool box packaging, anti-counterfeit labels printed on the color of the label is coated with a special ink, when consumers change viewing angle, the security logo will be showing a color change. Such changes in the ability to further enhance the security and convenience of identification, so that consumers buy more at ease.

    Syndication Association rectified.

    To purify the hardware market, to combat infringement, metal industry associations and companies should jointly fight against counterfeit hardware products initiated action to safeguard the safety and supply of basic products.

    And hardware in the business sector under the leadership of industry associations, set up a special anti-counterfeiting group, straighten out the metal in the market selling fake violations; Carrying out safety inspections and hardware products of concentration and control actions; organize special inspection of law enforcement actions metal to the countryside; carried out hardware tools to people's livelihood focused special rectification actions; to tools, locks and other products as the focus, concentration and control import and export commodity organizations operations. Hope that through these special rectification actions to address the people of common concern, health and safety of the people involved in product quality problems, so that people buy the Heart, with ease.

    By the media protection.

    The face of counterfeiting, the power of hardware business alone was minimal, requiring a strong media as means of publicity, dissemination of fake and shoddy products, the economic losses caused to consumers and mental and physical harm. In the domestic hardware market, the value of sales of fake and shoddy products accounts for a large part of the total market value, in terms of the hardware business is certainly a great loss. No knowledge of the situation of the consumer to buy a fake and shoddy products are fake and shoddy products in fact an accomplice. Therefore, the hardware companies to fully utilize the advantages of the media to publicize the shortcomings of fake and shoddy products, so that people truly recognize the fake products are deeply poisoned by their poison, to arm's length.

    With the continuous development of market economy, combating counterfeiting will be a long and arduous task, most of the hardware business has been good preparation for fighting a protracted war would be carried out in the end the battle against counterfeiting. Fight against counterfeit, hardware companies long way to go.

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