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« 40% of the first quarter of small and medium steel price hikes of imported iron ore prices to stop Steel prices in the first quarter results for the three different primary fuel prices rose »

Fastener Industry of India in the period of rapid development stage

    Fastener industry in India is in stage of rapid development, the industrial chain has taken shape. Fastener manufacturing plant more than 70% concentrated in Ludhiana. Raw materials, molds and consumption goods, surface treatment, swing chain heat treatment, fasteners and other related equipment can be found in many local manufacturers.

    In addition to meeting local needs in India fasteners, but also exported to Europe, the Middle East and other countries.iron chain Dealer market in India is still in its infancy, very few professional wholesalers. The producers will have the strength to act as the role of traders and wholesalers. Due to personnel, technology, equipment, capital and other constraints, India fastener production capacity, in addition to high-end products, some standards also need to import from China. Similarly, a large number of fastener production equipment is also dependent on imports.

    Fasteners in India and talk to employees learned that their 2011 professional development of Shanghai is very familiar with fasteners, in addition to receiving mail from the Internet, magazines and other sources informed that June 16 show information. Fasteners in India about 40 buyers will arrive in Shanghai in June Fastener exhibition site.

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