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Countries once again stressed the transformation of Chinese enterprises to upgrade

2010, British "Financial Times" Global 500 list baked. China's oil for the first time surpassed Exxon Mobil, the world's top 500, ranked No. 1. Recently, another U.S. "Business Week" published the 2010 Fortune 100 list of global technology, the surprising, the list was won by China's BYD title. In this regard, economists commented that China's oil in the global top 500 ranked first is very commendable, but Chinese companies should be sized to the same enterprise by BYD, BYD Abstract should be said 100 titles have global technology higher gold content.
Countries once again stressed the iron chain transformation of Chinese enterprises to upgrade, as the toy business, I believe business bosses to "innovation and transformation and upgrading is to keep a competitive edge", the reason is very clear, but how does the transformation and upgrading is also not a simple matter, of which the first to do is: change the concept.
1, shackled elephants to break free, we must abandon the idea and habit has been formed
We often see such a phenomenon: an adult elephant, was a thin chain tied to a wooden pillars. In fact, the elephant's strength, at any time can break free piece of iron chain. The strange thing is that elephants do not do it, because when the young elephants were this thin chain tied to a pillar, and the elephant tried to break free of the chains, but the effort is still small, Zheng Butuo. After numerous failed, the elephant has finally given up. As the days past, elephants though grown up, but elephants still think that they can not break free piece of iron chain, and finally, gave up the idea of escape.
We have a lot of elephant-class toy business, from business start-up period of OEM type machining is done, and was also thinking of developing a type or OBM ODM manufacturing enterprise, as companies do not own toy sales market resources, while adequate for OEM orders , to meet the needs of enterprise survival and development, therefore, after years of development, our company from the year Sheng Chan Ji Wan Ju millions of small businesses has gradually become a large annual output value of the toy business when Jige Yi, Zuo also do OEM processing ideas and habits have been formed, therefore, enterprises should break away from 'fetters', through innovative proprietary intellectual property rights in transition to become a competitive advantage in the play level, we must first break before the formation of ideas and habits.
2, production-based models and innovative market-based model there are differences in operation
Toy production enterprise business model the main features are: professional services in the toy dealers (traders).
Toys innovative market-based business model key features are: professional services to consumers (customers).
Toy production enterprises based on dealer orders started operating, the enterprise's 所有 operated in the Genjudingdan of Yao Qiu, good organization supplies, production Anpai, Pinzhikongzhi, logistics, system link like the declaration Deng, Zheng Ge Jingyingguocheng to meet Dealer requirements on the line. As innovative market-based toy business, the system is still the need to extend to two, one is to do product development, to consider what kind of toy products in the consumer market needs; other end of the market is to be done to consider how to do channel, how to do publicity. So do toys innovative market-based business model Qi Ye's requirement would be higher, Er Ju, Yong enterprise production management market marketing management experience Lai, Wang Wang will Zaocheng ended up in failure, because Fu Wu Yu Yu Xiaofei Zhe distributors and service is You are Big difference.
As a toy production company, we are dealers will do a good product, we do not have to consider the production of toy products in the market can serves decent, do not need to be clear how the kind of dealers selling toys in the market, Therefore, many decades to do the toy companies export orders, not at all clear why the such a large number of toy products to sell in foreign markets; those abroad is a big toy company Zenmeyangzuo marketed. When the same toys sold in the domestic market well, we will determine corporate CEOs: no problem with my toys, is the domestic market.
Corporate CEOs can not succeed without previous experience to guide business transformation and upgrading of things, but just in the beginning, there is the killer question. To make export-oriented toy company to do all aspects of toy manufacturing have been largely very professional, and this, want to be innovative market-based toy companies still make up two short boards: one toy product innovation development; Second, toy marketing.
3, the future of innovation and leading enterprises, a bold first step towards the transformation and upgrading
Currently, the domestic toy business is in the transformation and upgrading of the stage, many toy companies have recognized: those who live to foreign toy companies do OEM processing business model and will certainly become a bottleneck for enterprise development, therefore, with strength in the toy business in the product have invested heavily in R & D, companies are very clear: With the changing pattern of world toy market, the domestic toy business only in the development of innovative products and breakthroughs can be greater and sustainable development. Therefore, the gradual accumulation of intellectual property products, is the only way to deal with domestic and overseas markets, this aspect can further enhance cooperation with foreign businessmen, on the other hand is a strong guarantee for the domestic market. Success Stories from the market can see a good product marketing is not necessary, it will pull themselves away their own. Without a good product, we invested in marketing the more businesses die sooner. Therefore, the constant pursuit of toy products, innovation is the basic line of bigger and stronger.
Toy companies do not necessarily need to do market the brand because the brand toys for children influence is weak, toy companies to do market initially put toys on strong brand building is not worth the candle, so do not dream of the first toy companies to achieve well-known brands, toys should be put to innovate products, as toy product diversity of innovation products in the market there are many opportunities, so we must be clear: make the toy market can Meiyou brand, but definitely not without innovation of products .
While trying to do innovative toys is not easy, but we are well informed about toy market, to understand the needs of parents, children and their children, combined with our toy products can be achieved for the rich experience, innovative toys is also very easy to do things .

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