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« Steel prices in the first quarter results for the three different primary fuel prices rose SKF (SKF) network project in China authorized to conduct successful joint »

Canadian anti-dumping on China fasteners midterm review

    April 28, 2011, Canada Border Services Agency announced, originating in China and China Taiwan carbon steel and stainless steel fasteners mid-term review of anti-dumping investigation to determine the main contents of the product concerned for the re-normal value and export price .

    April 28,swing chain 2004, the Canadian Border Services Agency originated in China and China Taiwan carbon steel and stainless steel fasteners for anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations, customs codes for products involved 73181100,73181200,73181400,73181500 and 73181600 2004. December 9, the Canadian Border Services Agency to make final ruling on the case, ruled mainland China enterprises involved in the dumping margin of 3.46% ~ 170%.

    NTN developed a "sliding bearings with rotating sensor."
    Japan's NTN (NTN) has developed a resin with a magnetic rotation sensor bearing "with rotating sensor bearing." By the sensor and bearing design for one, can reduce the size of various equipment.iron chain According to the company, this bearing for printers and other office equipment and measurement instruments. Has started to accept orders and samples available.

    As a newly developed sensor design bearings and rotation as a whole, so high degree of freedom joint installation structure can support a variety of wiring methods. Size and shape can be designed according to user requirements.

    Durability test results. Shaft is 6mm, rotation is 250rpm, load 50N, shaft made of S45C. Durability test, the pulse signal output and the volatility has not changed.

    According to NTN introduction, office equipment and measuring instruments growing need for accurate and easy to monitor the operation of the shaft. For example, increasing the number of printer parts and functions as the increase such, constitutes part by the jams and shaft failure caused by wear and tear more and more difficult to find. Sensors contribute to the rapid discovery of these failures and early prevention.

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