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SKF (SKF) network project in China authorized to conduct successful joint

    Empowerment Network project is a joint automotive service market for SKF authorized distributors authorized by the customer within the region, namely, retailer or large for the repair business (sales in the second part of retailers) of network members to implement the program.

    From mid-2010 has been implemented successfully absorbed 120 authorized retailers to form the United Network members. swing chain With an authorized dealer of cooperation, joint activities authorized network clients on a regular basis throughout the country organized to train and motivate members. Customer Day event provided a good opportunity for dialogue between members, sharing insights and information exchange.

    Customers who recently took part in the day of event, commented: "Customer Day held really well, so I learned a lot of SKF and its products have more understanding, I look forward to also participate in Customer Day."iron chain authorized in 2010, 49 members, nearly 30 members of their 2010 sales targets and intends to scale new heights in 2011. Mainly due to the remaining members until the end of their authorization, and not enough time to achieve this goal. We believe that in 2011 the success of these members can achieve their goals.

    SKF authorized network member of the joint is divided into four levels: silver, gold, platinum, diamonds. The classification is based on membership in the SKF authorized dealer to determine the amount of annual purchases. SKF will be based on membership to the actual procurement audit of the annual targets and make appropriate adjustments. SKF will provide retailers with a variety of direct marketing and sales support, including the Joint Authorization and distributor of SKF, SKF joint authorization card stickers, training, new product announcements, technical information updates, and other value-added support services.

    With the network of authorized dealers and authorized members of the joint, including the improvement of the national sales network, our customers can easily purchase their location SKF genuine.

    We can proudly say that in such an environment flooded with fakes, SKF is gradually installed in the middle of the confidence of customers. The next project will be jointly authorized by the network into the broader market, strengthen and communicate directly with retailers to develop customized membership rights, the use of this platform to improve the efficiency of new product releases and speed.

    Member is authorized by the majority of SKF authorized distributors in the region of the joint selection and customer authorization. Sales incentives, training, and image support will be provided to network members SKF. The project aims to enhance customer loyalty, solve technical problems, training professionals, the establishment of the terminal channels, to resist the impact of counterfeit goods and improve the distribution / retail industry reputation and goodwill levels. By working with retailers and their customers (repair business) with the active cooperation, we hope to strengthen the pull of end markets, while enhancing the company's market penetration.

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