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Bearing outer ring quenching and tempering process breakthrough

    Project since last March, which lasted more than six months improved, large-scale promotion of this year, bearing company bearing outer ring of large thin-wall quenching and tempering process improvements achieved a breakthrough: distortion reduction, scrap reduction, removal of all inspection and follow-up surgery, to the stress process, saving time and labor-saving costs, economic benefits are considerable.

    In order to break through the bottleneck as soon as possible, last March, the company has set up a project team bearing the main research content is in the treatment of large deformation of thin-type outer ring control. swing chain First of all applicable equipment, the project team proposed a new furnace to replace the roller mesh belt furnace. Because the former use of radiation heating, can accurately control the temperature, heating uniformity is better, can greatly reduce the deformation. Meanwhile, the roller furnace for protective atmosphere of nitrogen and propane, can make the product appropriate to achieve the desired oxidation of hardness, to meet different customer requirements.

    Roller furnace put into operation new production line for some time, the question comes: the workpiece into the furnace to Compound basket, large deformation ratio remains high specification products. Project team developed a project implementation plan, listing the schedule: the first phase small batch processing,iron chain such as technology maturity and then a wide range of promotion, while according to schedule, to reduce deformation also made clear the indicator. Through several experiments, on the one hand, optimal display mode, the end is no need to baskets, placed in the furnace directly to the workpiece, so that a single volume into the furnace to increase production efficiency also will be improved; the other hand, the project team through replacement of quenching oil, by product type to set the mixer speed and time, so that quenching oil more evenly distributed in the surface, to ensure that after quenching to achieve the required hardness and microstructure of qualified, in order to better control the deformation. After these improvements, staff reflect subsequent grinding is very good. They said that the new processing technology, good quality, especially the sag is very small, the rejection rate is almost zero.

    Bearing outer ring by quenching and tempering after heat treatment, can improve product strength, hardness, wear resistance, fatigue strength and toughness. Previously, bearing the company process equipment used roller mesh belt furnace and the furnace quenching, tempering, there has been distortion problems affecting the quality of work efficiency. Diameter greater than 150 mm, especially medium and large products, the deformation is more evident. In recent years, bearing the company's market has been expanding from the traditional automotive market more towards wind power bearings, machine tool bearings and other emerging industries range, product specification more and more, in increasingly large bearing outer ring more. How to solve the traditional process of product caused by deformation, the company has become an urgent need to address a "big obstacles."

    Meet the requirements of the deformation, and now most of the major products bearing the company do not need a full examination, along with plastic surgery and to reduce the stress of the two procedures, the shift output unchanged, the product flow to accelerate, greatly improving production efficiency. Moreover, the bearing outer ring of the taper becomes smaller, subsequent grinding allowance reduced accordingly. Cost saving, plastic, 5 inspection process to streamline staff, wage expenditure savings of at least 20 million; the same time, reduce stress subsequent to the original plastic and the 4 million annual electricity use, the benefits of these savings is considerable.

    After six months of exploration and continue to try quenching verification, end of last year, in large thin-wall bearing company bearing deformation of the outer ring is basically meet the technical standards, the deformation ratio decreased by 80% compared to the previous number.

    Today, the company is working to transform the original roller furnace, in order to promote the use of new technology as soon as possible. Heat treatment unit plans in the future in all major products in the overall promotion.

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