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India's rapid development of industrial fasteners initially formed the industrial chain v

   Fastener industry in India is in stage of rapid development, the industrial chain has taken shape. Fastener manufacturing plant more than 70% concentrated in Ludhiana. Raw materials, molds and consumption goods, surface treatment, heat treatment, fasteners and other related equipment can be found in many local manufacturers.

   In addition to meeting local needs in India fasteners, but also exported to Europe, the Middle East and other countries. Dealer market in India is still in its infancy, very few professional wholesalers. The producers will have the strength to act as the role of traders and wholesalers. Due to personnel, technology, equipment,swing chain capital and other constraints, India fastener production capacity, in addition to high-end products, some standards also need to import from China. Similarly, a large number of fastener production equipment is also dependent on imports.

    Fasteners in India and talk to employees learned that their 2011 professional development of Shanghai is very familiar with fasteners, in addition to receiving mail from the Internet, magazines and other sources informed that June 16 show information. Fasteners in India about 40 buyers will arrive in Shanghai in June Fastener exhibition site.

   iron chain Hardware knowledge: the reasons for aluminum doors and windows and water penetration control.
    Construction aluminum windows and doors in the rain in the course of leakage is the most common and difficult to cure. Its great influence on the quality of construction, the economic losses caused by the more can not be estimated. Followed by large-scale residential development in China, the increasingly high level of residential construction, landscaping and exterior building lighting is facing the need for doors and windows of the single area of ??increasingly larger and the wall, resulting in more and more questions raised its water leakage. Meanwhile, aluminum doors and windows of the water leakage in the windows of other materials are also widespread and have a similar situation, and some are more serious. Aluminum doors and windows so it is necessary to analyze the causes of rain leakage and treatment of aluminum windows and doors not only to solve the water seepage subject, but also for other types of doors and windows have the same infiltration of rainwater guide.

    The main reason for water penetration of aluminum doors and windows can be divided into four categories.

    A: structure of the design process itself is defective windows and doors caused

    II: processing and installation process caused not meet quality requirements,

    III: materials and material differences in cell attachment caused

    D: link parts of the wall with the hole sealed improper.

    Among these four categories by one, four caused great harm to the leakage phenomenon and difficult to handle. . In addition, there are inherent structural defects caused by doors and windows and the hole wall joints produce rain leakage, but this topic does not belong to the leakage of windows and doors.

    A, aluminum doors and windows waterproof structure design is not fair, sealing a high enough level, the structure of aluminum doors and windows of the drainage channel cavity is not formed. When the water pressure in the interior under the action of the wind easily into the cavity and into the interior aluminum doors and windows, and rain water into the cavity of aluminum doors and windows, aluminum windows and doors but can not be smoothly exhausted to the outside drainage system to remain in doors and windows within the resulting product water and the leakage phenomenon.

    B, aluminum doors and windows structural strength and rigidity of aluminum doors and windows failed to meet the press with the location of wind energy target, the force caused by aluminum doors and windows of the bar, metal fittings, seals and adhesive materials produced under normal wind loads severe plastic deformation, crack or damage, resulting in seal failure caused doors and windows body water leakage. The reason is not according to specifications and accurate product strength calculation and design, and not produced by wind pressure before the installation of physical function tests.

    C, in the architectural design process, the use of aluminum doors and windows are also caused by improper selection of doors and windows of one of the reasons water leakage. The most common such as the ordinary sliding doors aluminum doors and windows for high-rise buildings or large areas of the facade of the rain, but not the structure of the aluminum doors and windows in the building structure or to take the necessary measures for the direct use of water.

    D, aluminum doors and windows installed in the field, the assembly size control is not good, resulting in a lap seal between the location of each misplaced or inadequate lap size, or because of the pressure foot and there is a gap for the fastening screws fixed the door frame is not closed plastic block, with a sealant sealing parts when the surface is not clean and so on.

    E, aluminum doors and windows with poor sealing material, such as tape mark, the anti-aging short time sealants outdated or counterfeit use of fake plastic, anti-deflection ability, easy to crack and so on.

    F, the precision manufacture of aluminum windows and doors meet quality requirements, with the gap is too large, after the assembly of parts to be bonded is not coated with sealing material and direct assembly, causing rain water easily penetrate through windows and doors and assembly space within the main structure.

    G, aluminum doors and windows and the hole wall joints is the most common site of water leakage, the main reasons are the following:

    1, because the adjacent door and window openings in the building wall itself flawed, resulting in rain in the wind loads through direct penetration of interior walls, especially in the face brick wall when the phenomenon is more common, as is often the gap between the micro-tile cracks exist. This phenomenon because the seepage area near the doors and windows and doors and windows are often mistaken for leakage.

    2, the filling material is not covered with the door frame and the gap between the wall, forming a lonely valley of the phenomenon or cracks.

    3, the adjustment of the fixed door frame pad residue on the windows box, or not done after the removal of the secondary filling.

    4, aluminum doors and windows and the gap between the hole wall, unable to pass the required filling material, such as waterproof cement mortar ratio of label errors or differences in cell differences.

    5, foot-inch hole wall does not meet the design requirements, resulting in full-inch door and window shape and the wall over the gap between the designated range, the gap is too small to cause no filling material, the gap is too large to make doors and windows fixed and the filling is not difficult to implement and easy cracks and so on.

    6, doors, windows and openings of the fixed connection is not strong, so that the wind load doors and windows have moved leaving cracks sealing material.

    7, no windows and doors installed in the doors and windows after the lateral wall of the connecting parts with the seal, or seal failure.

    8, for a corner or connectivity in the form of windows and doors, in the corner or connected parts of the connecting rods to the upper block is not easy to cause leakage of water from the top down into the interior.

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