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Hardware Knowledge: General flush valve and application of skills mix

    Toilet flush valve is the most important parts, have full-copper, copper plastic binding, plastic three, the family is the main use of plastic valve.

    Flush valve if the quality is bad, the water tank is full it will happen but the water still flows, the water running,swing chain but the water tank, water is full but not water, and other failures, maintenance is very difficult and very difficult to fundamentally solve the problem, resulting in tremendous waste. Therefore, the purchase must be flush valves to the professional shop to buy a high quality valve products. Valves currently on the market imported products, water saving, low failure rate, the price of 100 yuan, it is recommended as the preferred valve variety of home decoration.

    Key words: common flush valve.

    Mix of skills in general flush valve:

    1, the quick closing flush valve can be closed at any time in the artificial control of the flush valve can be used in the toilet tank, it is the gravity with the spool, or the elastic force with rapid closure of flush valve.iron chain Rapid closure of its functions, to ensure that the tank once the water is not emptying, so as to achieve water-saving effect. Can be used to make almost no fresh water for water-saving toilet.

    2, two steps of delay flush valve, two steps of the utility model provides a delayed flush valve, mainly by the body, button, stem, delay components, etc., characterized in that the basis of existing technology in the body or the button on the operational side diameter set within the physical limit of two units, and makes the buttons can be deflected around the stem has a certain function of the length of the trip through the control buttons to control the size of flushing water so that users can free to adjust according to the actual needs of water, both to meet the health requirements, but also save a lot of water, in line with the current trend of environmental protection, and economical for a wide range.

    3, can be hidden in the wall of the flush valve, the utility model discloses a can hidden in the wall of the flush valve, designed to provide an embedded inside the wall, do not take up space, easy maintenance flushing valve; The technical solution adopted for utility model is: a can hidden in the wall of the flush valve, including into the outlet of the valve body and valve assembly, valve assembly Outer gland, with gland the spool valve assembly can be installed from the open end into the hole and removed, and through the outer gland and the body threaded mounting holes with the mounting thread hole of said mounting holes gland and body thread with the surfaces with seals, valve mounting hole out of the body wall of the open end of a bit of ring gear blanks installed mud wall, the said body open end of the mounting holes with decorative cover; the utility model is widely used for all forms of flush valve.

    4, the touch of a button type flush valve, a touch of a button type flush valve, including the water channel 2, the water channel 3, the wire 1, the valve pad 5, the valve plug 6, the valve cover 4, key 7 recoil spring 8, the cover 9, the water inlet channel 3, channel 2, 15 and water outlet valve 16 is installed outside the pad 5, 4, fixed by the valve cover and sealed in plastic valves 4, 5 and valve cover pad formed within the pressure chamber 11 connected to wire a plug 6, characterized in that: close to the outside of the valve pad 5 strengthening plate 13, the strengthening plate 13 on the center hole 14 and side holes 12 through the valve pads 5, stretching from water channel 2, the water channel 3, the wire 1 connector plug 6 and 7 buttons, and through the strengthening plate 13 on the center of the hole 14, the keys within 7 side of the spring settings are back to 8 bits, button 7 fixed and sealed by the cover 9 in the inlet channel 2 and channel 3 water control convex YOU 17. The utility model structure is simple and easy to use, and effort.

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