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Will become one of the windows and doors market, highlighting the new trend of historical change in six

    Our windows and doors industry after years of development, the homogenization of products on the market, follow the trend of the phenomenon of growing, door and window industry how can find a better direction? We look to people in the relevant view.

    The main development direction of push-pull open the doors and windows.

    Nature Wood St. association official said, opening the window is to develop the direction of sliding doors and windows,swing chain hanging, and the development of new suspension in the window, where the requirements of energy conservation and air conditioning for the room. Windows-based development is becoming smaller, flexible technology to meet the requirements of the modern small bedroom. Push-pull windows easy to open, flexible, space is conducive to window details of the deal, such as providing planters and so on.

    Multifunctional energy-saving windows and doors will be of greater concern.

    The nature and function of the window will be confined mainly to, insulation, energy-saving insulation development. This requires that the window should have considerable product strength, deformation and warping. iron chain The gap in the sash processing, the northern region due to the window north Shuangbo facilities. China is an energy-deficient countries, energy consumption is equivalent to twice the developed countries. According to China's second five-energy planning requirements, can be predicted, multi-functional energy-saving windows and doors will be of greater concern.

    Kitchen window will be the development of long windows.

    Kitchen window will be the development of long windows, located between the kitchen wall cabinet and console. Major developments in the bathroom ventilation windows, and ventilation with the anti-view two functions. The door for the development of residential, expert advice should focus on the development of residential sliding and folding doors. Holy Wood of the marketing association of nature for our staff introduced two products, particularly conducive to small area of ??the kitchen, bathroom use, can play a role in the development of small space. This section lies in hardware, connection technology, requiring lightweight, low-noise closed, easy to clean up, such products are widely used in foreign residence. As China's domestic level, its development prospects.

    Floor balcony window of the push-pull development.

    The development of the window, experts recommend the balcony window to the floor push-pull development. The new emphasis on well-off residential design role of the Office and to extend deep into the balcony. Windows with floor-standing, not only increase the brightness and the sunshine indoors, and indoor and outdoor links strengthen, expand horizons, so that together into an indoor and outdoor. South need floor doors and windows, enabling ventilation. Roof window is another new product to be developed. Structure is a sloping roof insulation, heat and leakage of good form, but also the rational use of space, more living space in good form. Currently used for sloping roof light windows, hopper windows and other windows open, and little different shape.

    The development of the intelligence unit of the door.

    Cell door has been the development of intelligent forms, with anti-theft, security, intercom, automatic opening and closing functions in the south have been applied. Although this technology is a high level, but with reliable security features, easy to use for each household unit, will be high-end residential apartments welcome. According to the above analysis, the source of Chengdu Yan Door experts suggest the following aspects should be developed for residential windows and doors: the high-quality, high-end development. Doors and windows with particular emphasis on insulation, energy-saving requirements, with beauty and strength. To develop functional doors and windows, increase the variety. We should vigorously develop new doors and windows, hardware products, and enhance the function and quality hardware.

    Size fan proposed development outside the open type three doors and windows.

    Second, the development of security doors, require security, fire, noise, thermal insulation effect. The size of the proposed development outside the open-type fan with security, insulation, noise triple windows and doors. This is beneficial to dry indoor space saving, opening the door fighting, strip Huanxie space. Size of the set of doors for the daily going out and facilitate the conditions for handling large objects. The key technology is the hinge of the anti-theft measures, the small fan fixed and door seal technology.

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