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« Will become one of the windows and doors market, highlighting the new trend of historical change in six National Energy Board requested the reasonable control of the total energy consumption »

Jiangxi scale industry GDP energy consumption "second five" to be down 20%

    Jiangxi Industry adhere to the scientific development concept, while in the fast-growing innovative energy-saving work, and achieved remarkable results.

    Deputy Industry and Information Committee of Jiangxi Sheng Ren Wanqing China Industry News recently told reporters, Jiangxi Province, the added value of large-scale industrial unit energy consumption of the "Eleventh Five-Year" cumulative reduction 38.24%, lower than the national average decline of 13 percentage points, swing chain the cumulative industrial energy savings to reach 900 million tons of standard coal.

    "Eleventh Five-Year" period, Jiangxi Province, through the promotion of industrial energy systems, and promote the use of new energy-saving mechanism, new technologies and new products, promote clean production, iron chain eliminate backward and other means to focus on innovation and industrial energy-saving mechanism. In particular, to high-tech industrial development and the use of high technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries as a breakthrough in industrial energy conservation, making the province more than 30% of high-tech industry has maintained a growth rate of high-tech industry accounts for 7.8% GDP, compared to "fifteen" at the end doubled.

    Statistics show that in 2010, the province added value of large-scale industrial unit energy consumption is 1.33 tons of standard coal / yuan, down 8.97%; metallurgy, building materials, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, power, chemicals and other energy-intensive industry unit increase in six value of the energy consumption fell 4.96%; key energy-consuming enterprises in more than half of the main products product consumption is lower than the national average. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, a total of more than 1697 households (times) a key energy companies routine surveillance, investigate and eliminate a variety of high energy behind the electrical and mechanical equipment (products) 1263 units.

    Wan Qing Sheng said, "five-second" industrial energy conservation in Jiangxi Province basic idea is to adhere to the business-oriented, market-oriented, policy support, highlight the key industries, key enterprises and key park, key products, improve the policies mechanism, grasp the pilot demonstration, strengthen scientific management, and comprehensively promote industrial energy efficiency, water, land, materials, and strive to design and development of ecological, clean production processes, efficient resource use, energy consumption reduction, environmental impact minimization to continuously improve the comprehensive utilization of energy and resources, reducing pollution emissions, the promotion of industrial economic development and ecological environmental construction coordination.

    The overall objective is: to increase the value of large-scale industrial unit energy consumption decreased by 4% annually, and strive to "Twelve Five" has dropped by 20%; million tons of standard coal industry to implement energy-saving projects that the province's industry standard of 10 million tons to achieve energy savings coal; organizations Hundred Enterprises Energy Conservation Action, the 500 key energy enterprises to increase the operational efficiency, 500 energy-saving products promote the industrialization of action, energy audits of 500 companies, 1,000 corporate members can take control of energy charge and post certificates energy conservation training action, 1 million units behind the electrical and mechanical equipment can be eliminated by upgrading actions.

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