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National Energy Board requested the reasonable control of the total energy consumption

    Has learned from the National Energy Board, the National Working Conference of economic operation has held in Haikou. National Development and Reform Commission deputy director of the National Energy Board Secretary Liu Tienan said at the meeting, the regulation of economic systems around the country to achieve "second Five-Year" Plan the objectives and tasks of supply and demand for oil and gas migration in coal outstanding contradictions and problems , to increase effective supply, compressed two aspects irrational demand, swing chain a solid good work.

    Liu Tienan emphasized that summer peak electricity to make every effort to work as early as judged early preparations for possible supply gap, to develop well-response measures to achieve the orderly use of electricity program to ensure that key areas of living and electricity, pull limit must not be allowed living electricity.

    At the same time, strengthen the comprehensive coordination and ensure that key areas, key slots, key areas of supply of coal oil and gas transport. In resource limited supply growth, by controlling the irrational consumption, stable markets, stable prices; full use of energy resources, enhance the formation of the market constraints Forced mechanism to strengthen the electricity, natural gas demand side management, reasonable control of the total energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, promote structural adjustment; in accordance with the term needs, and solve the problem of requirements, speeding up emergency reserves of coal,iron chain energy pricing mechanism reform, building long-term mechanism to regulate economic activities; speed up the reserve of emergency supplies, and improve emergency plans, strengthen emergency response material support comprehensive coordination, improve emergency response and material support capabilities.

    He believes that the first quarter of this year, the national economy situation is a good beginning, coal oil and gas transport and stability of supply and demand, but because of excess demand, production and supply in the case of double-digit growth in some areas, there are still coal-oil supply tightening status, future trends can not be optimistic. Regulation of economic sectors at all levels should not only strive to do coal oil and gas transport supply, but also curb irrational demand, the reasonable control of total energy consumption, promote energy conservation and structural adjustment, to ensure that the market is basically stable and smooth operation of economy and society.

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