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Ministry of Industry: A breakthrough in high-end manufacturing to promote transformation and upgrading

    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology committee member, was recently appointed chief engineer Zhu pointed out that "second Five-Year" period, is an important period of industrialization, but also of industrial transformation and upgrading of the critical period, facing the development of China's industrial environment and conditions continue to occur profound changes.

    First, China entered a new stage of economic and social development. In 2010, China's per capita GDP exceeded 4000 U.S. dollars, swing chain into the middle-income countries from developed countries, an important stage forward.

    "Twelve Five-Year" period, China's urbanization rate will exceed 50%, urban and rural population turning point will occur. Per capita income levels increase, the acceleration of urbanization process, in order to expand domestic demand and stimulate economic development activity to provide a powerful engine, the consumption structure will promote the continued upgrading and optimization of industrial structure adjustment.

    Second, iron chain the new challenges facing the traditional mode of growth. Process of industrial development from view, relative shortage of resources, environmental capacity is limited, energy resources and the ecological and environmental constraints to strengthen in the new era of industrial development in China and facing the most prominent issues to be resolved.

    At present, China's crude oil, iron ore, bauxite, copper and other important energy resource import dependency has more than 50% of the entire industrial energy consumption and sulfur dioxide emissions by more than 70% of the entire society.

    "Twelve Five-Year" plan put forward China's per unit GDP energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, water consumption per unit of industrial added value was reduced by 16% of the total five-year, 17% and 30% target, and chemical oxygen demand, emissions of sulfur dioxide and ammonia, nitrogen oxide emissions constrained targets, the task is arduous.

    Third, green carbon, lead the future development of innovation to become a new trend. Globally, green economy, low carbon technologies are emerging to information technology and new energy revolution led technological innovation and lead the future development industry become an important force in the world could enter the innovation cluster outbreak and during the accelerated growth of new industries. The weak capacity of independent innovation, the key to master new technologies and related intellectual property rights and less, is still restricted to improve our core competitiveness the main crux of the problem.

    Fourth, the new changes in the international competition show. The international financial crisis triggered by the global economic development model and the adjustment of supply and demand changes in the manufacturing sector in some developed countries to re-examine the "hollowing out" issue, the implementation of return and manufacturing and recycling industry, the implementation of export expansion strategy, we use international and domestic markets, continue to comparative advantage to play China's manufacturing industry to form a new competitive pressures.

    Ever-changing forms of trade protection, some developed countries take advantage of the advantage at the high end, not only for me in high-tech exports and restrictions on the transfer block, also proposed will impose carbon tariffs on imported products, the implementation of carbon-identification, through intellectual property rights, standard, green, low carbon and other means to suppress export products and dogged, increase exports to the difficulty.

    Zhu Hong Ren pointed out that "second Five-Year" plan proposes the development of "structural optimization, advanced technology, clean and safe, high added value, strong ability to absorb employment" as the goal of the modern industrial system, the core of industrial transformation and upgrading, upgrade the industry core competitiveness.

    He pointed out that of industrial transformation and upgrading, you need to attach importance to the choice of the path of innovation and ideas, based on our national conditions and technology, industrial base, an accurate grasp of the development of world science and technology and industry trends, continue to play our industry in the global economy's comparative advantage, innovation as the driving force, and to create a breakthrough in high-end manufacturing, speed up the transform and upgrade traditional industries, fostering the growth of strategic and emerging industries, and enhancing our core competitiveness.

    Zhu Ren stressed, high-end manufacturing, from the industry chain is concerned, the high-end part in the industrial value chain, with a high-tech, high value-added and low energy consumption and other characteristics of the modern industrial system is an important part of the high end manufacturing industry is a measure of a country's core competitiveness an important symbol. To build high-end manufacturing, is to achieve industrial restructuring and upgrading, upgrade the industrial competitiveness of the inner core requirements.

    Zhu Ren stressed that the international practice, breaking the high-end high-end manufacturing equipment manufacturing industry in particular bottleneck, is to seize a favorable position in international competition and the key to promote economic restructuring.

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