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Over 500 billion steel transit marketing and strive to one of the world top 20

    The afternoon of May 7, Changzhou Wujin District, the district government held marketing Zhongtian Iron & Steel Group in recognition of over 500 billion cum speed up and Make the rally. Municipal Committee, Party Secretary Chen Ruiqing Wujin attended the meeting.

    In 2010, Zhongtian Iron & Steel Group sales revenue exceeded 500 billion yuan, of which 45 billion yuan sales of steel,swing chain among 500 Chinese enterprises 185, No. 13 private enterprises in China, Jiangsu Province, the first 16 hundred enterprises in Jiangsu Province private enterprises in the first five hundred. As the city's leading enterprises, the Group's total assets reached 300 billion yuan, more than 1.5 million employees, operates in the steel, hotels, ports, foreign trade, logistics and so on.

    Transit 2011 is the 10th anniversary of steel. 10 years, increasing the effective transit investment in the steel and has iron and steel Research Institute, Greeley, Northern, Southeast University to establish research cooperation, have developed a 500,700 MPa high-strength ribbed steel bars and other high-tech content and high added value products. Invested 2 billion yuan to eliminate backward production capacity, implementation of the desulfurization plant, electric furnace dust, iron, technological transformation projects such as the former system. Adhere to the "pay and conditions, emotions keep people, the cause of keeping",iron chain the staff maintained an annual per capita income of more than 10% growth this year and twice a raise, an increase of per capita income of over million, the cumulative tax more than three billion yuan, social support than 260 million yuan.

    Around the "second Five Year Plan", aimed at the green Frank goal is to accelerate the pace Zhongtian Iron & Steel Group, the pace of transformation and upgrading, product upgrading, research and innovation, green development, do a lot of modern management, and accelerating technological transformation District II project, to create the largest steel production base priority, and strive to steel companies during the year ranked among the top 12 strong, the world's top 20 steel. At the same time, accelerate the implementation of property management and other dust removal equipment, to enhance the environmental level, continue to reduce energy consumption.

    Awards ceremony, Wujin District, Zhongtian Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. awarded the "outstanding contribution to enterprise" medal, awarded the chairman of Dong Cai-Ping "outstanding contributions to the entrepreneur" medal.

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