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Zhenhai District, Ningbo Fastener output value of the cluster to be 5 years, billions of

    5 years, Ningbo Zhenhai District, will one small fasteners, bigger and with an annual output value reached 100 billion yuan of industrial clusters, the output value quadrupled. Recently, the district announced the development of pillar industries of the major feature of the planning and implementation of the path.

    After several years of development, Zhenhai District, the town has been formed as the core of Dragon Lake, and creek pump radiation, camels and other places of fasteners regional development pattern. The current annual production of industrial fasteners in the area 40 million tons, accounting for about Ningbo, 1 / 4, for 1 / 6,swing chain where the town of Jiulong Lake fastener industry has basically formed a complete industrial chain close complete range of products, regional brand show the clustering effect of increasing development trend. The end of 2010, the town fastener 85 registered enterprises, including enterprises with annual sales of 500 million yuan 54, 2000, 15 million yuan, with 7 billion enterprise, the number of above-scale enterprises account for the total three-town one.

    Brand strategy is the district level to create billions of implementation of fastener industry cluster path.iron chain According to "Ningbo Zhenhai fastener industry to upgrade the development of planning" in the next five years, our district will be technological innovation and brand building as the starting point, nurture and develop the international competitiveness of a number of fasteners with brands and large enterprises to promote the industry to upgrade and enhance the fastener industry, Zhenhai District, the status of domestic and foreign markets. According to plan, by 2015, the district will have a Chinese famous brand fastener industry and the state more than 3 well-known trademarks, brand names and famous brand in Zhejiang more than 10, the city well-known brand names and trademarks more than 20 cities.

    It is reported that our district is currently in the loop fastener industry, economy, energy conservation, provinces and municipalities to create famous brand of Zhejiang and so qualify for the basic conditions for regional brands. 5 years, with tens of billions of brand fasteners level the formation of industrial clusters, the area will become a brand fastener base in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province fastener industry cluster demonstration zone, fastener manufacturing base in China and international procurement base of large manufacturing enterprises designated .

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