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The rise of the global automotive parts industry linkage for domestic industries

    Bankers said the recovery of the car market is driving the re-emergence of suppliers for technology, growth and global scale, the trading activities of the auto parts industry will rise.

    Suppliers of strong first quarter performance highlights, restructuring is not only pushing their sales, but also reduce costs, improve profit margins and improve their balance sheets.

    Combined with capital market debt and equity issuance is more acceptable, parts suppliers are expected to return to the M & A market. In the previous period of time, the struggling auto makers, suppliers inhibited the M & A activity.

   swing chain Evercore Partners Stephen ? Worth (Stephen Worth), said: "Over the past decade is the lost decade, during which manufacturers dysfunctional relationship with suppliers, making the difficulty of growing integration."

    "Transformation of the U.S. car manufacturers changed this situation, manufacturers accelerate the deployment of a global framework, it will give new impetus to global sourcing."

    Ford (Ford Motor) has its global production suppliers from 2004 to 3300, reduced to 1,500 late last year,iron chain but also to achieve the target cut to 750. International "marriage" - such as Fiat (Fiat) increasing Chrysler (Chrysler) of the shares - means that more and more car manufacturers want the larger global suppliers.

    Alix Partners automotive business leader Huofei Ke (John Hoffecker) said, "For suppliers, the best option is (are) the strongest field to obtain greater market share," rather than as before, the formation of the increasing scale of enterprise groups.

    Bankers said that large companies are trying to cut off further lower the threshold of a more popular business and instead focus on high-tech components and growth areas. In addition, they added that the relatively high cost of local companies will find the competition difficult.

    Johnson Controls (Johnson Controls) has been building its own battery business, and last year the company acquired Germany's Keiper seat systems and CRob Hammerstein.

    Has just emerged from bankruptcy in October Visteon (Visteon) predicted last week, will increase M & A efforts, and that may be some move in the temperature control business. Magna International (Magna International) CEO Don ? Walker (Don Walker) said he felt the company's cash for the acquisition was "appropriate." Consultant pointed out that the crisis makes a lot of companies fall into the hands of banks or investors miserable, they will soon be looking to sell these companies.

    Delphi (Delphi) will seek an initial public offering this year (IPO), the company manager for the Elliott (Elliott Management) and Silver Point Capital Investment Corporation (Silver Point Capital), led by some hedge funds. In addition, investors Carl ? Icahn (Carl Icahn) research is currently being sold Mogul (Federal-Mogul).

    Chinese companies will also be expected to play a role in which, because of China's car manufacturers want to obtain foreign technology. Pacific Century, a banker quoted Chinese Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. (Pacific Century Motors) to buy GM (General Motors) steering systems business Nexteer example, said, "China's interest is turning from the car manufacturers parts enterprises."

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