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Quanzhou expected to be completed this year, 21 primary and secondary roads Cabling

    May 9 news, Quanzhou, Fujian is vigorously promoting the primary and secondary roads wires come down to earth, the implementation of transformation of the cable. Among them, the cable engineering Erythrina Road yesterday successfully migrated the first cable. For more information, please listen to this reporter Wei Jia Mei reports:

    swing chain Erythrina Road in the urban lake Street intersection and the construction site, Quanzhou Electric Power Bureau Security Assistant Yang Zhihong Distribution Management Center Description: Erythrina Road is currently under way landscape transformation, you need the original buried under the road surface in Erythrina 28 cable migration distance of about 1 meter. Distance of 1 meter sounds easy, but nearby residents in order to ensure the normal use of electricity, this electric cable relocation project implementation role, the construction is very difficult.iron chain Efforts in the construction side, the first successful transfer cables yesterday. Expected to move the cable 28 works will be completed before the 20th of the month. "Erythrina Road, a total of 28 cables, so a large-scale migration of the project cables, this is the first time, the second as the migration of cable, this live migration without loss of load, the electricity still has to ensure that the residents of; third is the the volume of investment, engineering difficulties are very large, very high risk, we are all go all out. "

    Distribution Management Center of Quanzhou Electric Power Bureau, told reporters the Security Assistant Yang Zhihong, since 2003, invested heavily in Quanzhou Electric Power Bureau main urban roads in the center of the cable construction. Up to now, has been on the urban Fortress Street, East Lake Street, Wenling Road and other roads to complete the cable 32 transformation, the total investment 115 million. Erythrina Road will be completed this year, Ping Shan, 21 Quanxiu Street and other road cables transformation, the total investment 154 million yuan.

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