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Real estate companies more inclined to purchase from the energy-saving windows and doors products perspective

    Advance the process of building energy saving windows and doors also accelerated the application development companies more inclined to buy windows and doors from the perspective of energy saving products. Recently, concerns on the procurement of energy-saving windows and doors interviewed Landsea Deputy General Manager Zhu Xiankun purchasing real estate, real estate Wantong Wu Yue, director of procurement centers, swing chain real estate investment manager Dong Zhiyong cost management.

    Q: The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently issued a circular on energy-saving products, energy-saving windows and doors logo, the introduction of this system will affect the procurement principles?

    Zhu Xiankun: the introduction of the system specification and installation of windows and doors processing industry, production and product standards are guiding significance, will eliminate a number of non-standard,iron chain small workshop-style doors and windows of businesses, enhance the level of the entire industry, the construction of residential energy conservation, energy development of a strong catalytic. But this Landsea little effect on the procurement of real estate, because real estate Landsea procurement standards for doors and windows have been higher, the parameters required for low-end, small businesses are difficult to compliance, and real estate cooperation Landsea doors and windows related companies (profiles, glass, metal, processing, installation and other enterprises) are the industry leader. For this system we will be bidding all bidders clearly provide the certification, testing reports, documents and other information, as a prerequisite for short-listed.

    Q: business in the purchase of doors and windows products, which focus on energy efficiency indicators?

    Zhu Xiankun: We are very concerned about the overall matching doors and windows, profiles, glass, hardware, etc to be a matching.

    Specific to the technical aspects will require the overall K value of the insulation of doors and windows must be less than 2.0W/m2 · K; Low-E glass, the basic requirements are: high-permeability type of off-line coated glass, double-steel, hollow, argon gas, comprehensive "K" value should be less than 1.5W/m2 · K and so on.

    Dong Zhiyong: maintenance of doors and windows as one of the surface of the building, directly affecting the energy performance of buildings, improve the insulation performance of windows and doors is the main way to ensure that building energy consumption. The real energy-saving windows and doors, not a single off the bridge with aluminum or adopted energy-saving Low-E insulating glass material, it is the perfect combination of a system, and the consolidated results of all aspects of performance, one can not, therefore, the main concern in terms of windows and doors heat conduction and thermal radiation and other indicators, and energy-saving buildings to match the relevant indicators.

    Different coefficients of thermal conductivity determines the energy consumption of different windows and doors, so to choose the right profile, such as thermal insulation cold-bridge aluminum alloy multi-chamber applications; glass thermal radiation loss is the main window, so we choose the glass doors and windows to ensure that the overall building energy, you have a reasonable selection of glass. Take the south is concerned, the south part of the subtropical region, high temperature cycle is longer, the choice of the glass can not be like the cold region to select the transparent glass and good lighting, you should select the low heat-reflective, such as heat-reflective coating film Low-E insulating glass and insulating glass.

    Hu Yue: Wantong long been concerned about the real estate application of energy-saving windows and doors, and in accordance with the requirements throughout the procurement of energy-saving. In recent years, with the green strategy to promote real estate Wantong, for doors and windows in the energy saving requirements are also increasing, such as the requirement is Low-E glass, the insulation shall be good to have a reasonable cavity cold bridge design so as to compliance with building energy-related indicators.

    Q: In addition to energy saving indicators, doors and windows in the procurement of products, but also concerned about what performance?

    Zhu Xiankun: We will first focus to the whole window air tightness, water tightness, sound insulation, strength (plastic lined steel performance, etc.); followed by the reflections of glass, condensation, etc.; the installation process again, the node processing details of initiatives, the quality of auxiliary (styrofoam, etc.), how to prevent leakage and so on.

    Dong Zhiyong: From the window of selection, a form of structural design, applied to the processing and assembly of parts, construction and installation are the focus of attention, in some aspects, such as sealing strip application, processing, product quality will affect the use of windows and doors life and safety. (The above is an excerpt from: China Real Estate News)

    Reported for the Chinese real estate developers of the two interviews, I also recently visited several enterprises in Sichuan enterprises energy saving windows and doors in order to understand the implementation.

    Tangmen visited Chengdu in Wood Co., Ltd., the business-related charge, said: "In recent years, not only in energy-saving wood Tang Men breakthrough, but also R & D room and versatility for the protection of doors and windows products. All along, Don Wood insisted the door in accordance with the relevant national and industry standards, many products and even far beyond the requirements of relevant standards. "

    Ren Ltd, Chengdu, the source window doors and windows in talking about energy conservation, said: "With the national policy on energy requirements and consumer concerns on environmental protection, doors and windows have to follow the situation products, energy saving windows and doors would be a major development trend, we have developed kernel source a lot of new doors and windows saving windows and doors product and the market recently. "

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