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En Shi Zhangyuan bearings: new products designed to enhance precision grade bearings

     Bearing ring grinding process, there are multiple use magnetic orientation process, to bring the convenience of processing and reliable positioning, but after the parts will be after magnetizing with a large residual magnetic, so the metal shavings, grinding wheel Wear debris particles adsorbed on the surface of the part is difficult to clean, impact bearing cleanliness seriously affect the machining accuracy of the next process,swing chain process quality and compliance rates. Therefore, the magnetization transfer after the next part in the demagnetization process is necessary before cleaning.

     Domestic industry generally use automatic connections process, each device has a small discharge port Demagnetization due to equipment space limitations, but they could not achieve adequate demagnetization effect on next cleaning process, leaving the part cleanliness is poor, under the influence of process Processing quality,iron chain such as: inner groove after grinding → ??→ ultra-precision internal grinding; outer groove → super-fine grinding. The processing of qualified rate.

     Use of water quality before and after the passing rate of Demagnetization compared to ultra-precision process, for example, water Demagnetization ago, only 80% pass rate, the use of water after Demagnetization 97% pass rate, and the other 3% failed due to other causes . Is not only ultra-precision process, good cleanliness and residual magnetic rotation of the finished product flexibility (hand), and vibration were significantly improved, which greatly enhanced the precision grade bearings for enterprises a better economic efficiency.

     To solve this problem, uh Shi Zhangyuan Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to design and manufacture a water demagnetization machine, used in the production line, the effect is significant. The principle is: AC Demagnetization (coil seal) → Pump (rust cleaning water) spray transfer belt → (Motor → turbine speed change mechanism.) After this Demagnetization Demagnetization by parts, the residual magnetism <0.2mT, cleanliness, good for the next process to guarantee the quality.

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