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The international competitiveness of the steel casting Bohai second five-year plan with an annual output thirty million tons of steel

     Iron and Steel Group and Tianjin Bohai Trust Co. recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement compact for the realization of industrial and financial integration, and strengthen capital operation and management has taken an important step. This is Iron and Steel Group cadres and workers of the Bohai-depth study and implementation of an inspection tour in Tianjin, General Secretary Hu Jintao's important speech and introduce practical initiatives to calm the group of the gap, lack of careful search through the implementation of the "swing chain 4811" development strategy, is expected to "second five "During the annual output of 3,000 tons of steel to form the scale of international competitiveness to create a very modern iron and steel enterprise groups.

    According to reports, the Bohai Sea, as by the Tianjin Iron and Steel Group Steel Pipe Group, Tianjin Steel Group, Tianjin Tianjin Metallurgical Group Rail United Group and the restructuring of large state-owned steel enterprises,iron chain since its inception, put forward as the steel products deep processing enterprise product transformation industrial upgrading, changing the main direction of economic development, while efforts to increase the extension to the downstream industry chain input. Currently, the total investment of more than 130 million project has been finalized to extend the industrial chain, and started construction in the near future, invest 3.8 billion yuan will be completed during the year.

    Doing fine and stronger steel in the main business at the same time, the Bohai Iron and Steel Group is also actively play the advantages of group operating funds to further promote the industrial capital and financial capital of the combination. Since its inception, the group received Tianjin branches of China Construction Bank, Bank of 8 offered 100 billion yuan credit line after Bank of China this year and signed a strategic cooperation agreement Financial, Bank of China to the Bohai Sea will be the first of four Iron and Steel Group 100 billion operating subsidiaries provide credit supply chain finance. Tianjin Bohai Steel Trust will also provide loans, equity financing, financial leasing, rights acquisition, and other relevant programs.

    It is reported that "five-second" period, the Bohai Iron and Steel Group will be through joint reorganization, integration of resources, structural adjustment, optimization of layout, promote industrial upgrading and transformation of products, promote energy conservation, focus on implementation of the "4811" development strategy, namely the construction of high-quality steel , high-grade metal products, sheet metal and high-strength fine wire rods, "four fine base" to build a high-end talents, resources development, product intensive processing, logistics and trade, technological innovation, financial capital, international, new industrial development, "the eight supporting platform" to build a modern metallurgical industrial park, forming a fine balance by focusing on the development of public support for the Group's core business.

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