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Hardware industry "after the top ten " hot work is being carried out in


    April 14, 2011, ten selected metals industry awards ceremony came to an end at Beijing's Diaoyutai State Guesthouse,swing chain the event named the "Top Ten pioneer, ""Top Ten new brand, ""Top Ten Joyo business ", they Is a new thinking, new ideas of the leader, they will become the main new development in the industry, will also have a greater say in the industry to establish new rules.

     Today, although the end of the presentation,iron chain but also means a new beginning, in order to better interpret the spirit of selection, the organizing committee after the event, conducted a series of "post-ten"work:

     1, in order to better publicize the winner of three awards, and businesses, we started for the 30 award-winning brand produced a fine individual and thematic;

     2, making the top ten top ten awards ceremony and interviews with CD-ROM;

     3, the production industry Daquan

     Hardware industry in 2011 "Top Ten"award a few months after the curtain opened soon, when we do not forget to continue to support our activities through this event I am sure you also have more harvest.

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