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prospects for the domestic submarine cable submarine not break the international monopoly

    Cameroon national network of a large area off network, its national telecommunications company for risk by the investigation, initially identified as 90 kilometers from the coast of Benin, the submarine cable disruptions occurred. Submarine cable maintenance typically takes 10 to 15 days, Cameroon national telecommunications company eventually decided to take temporary measures to bypass communication lines connected to the network signal,swing chain but the speed will be slower. Not long ago in Japan Richter 9.0 earthquake, the basis of the two operators, China Telecom and China Unicom, part of the international submarine cable break, after an emergency route adjustment, overseas voice services not affected, but the completion rate and voice services in North America decline in both speed conditions. Asia's leading telecommunications operators are subject to varying degrees of impact, and about half of the Pacific submarine cable damaged.

    Recent natural disasters have led to interruptions of communication signals one after another, which is the repair of submarine cable operators and to enhance disaster recovery capabilities made an urgent request. This year,iron chain more damage to undersea cables for international communications has caused great difficulties, emergency operators have chosen other means of communication to ensure basic communication, communication quality greatly reduced. Recent natural disasters led submarine cable operators to pay more attention to capacity building and disaster recovery, which led to the market demand for undersea fiber optic cable.

    Submarine cable market outlook is excellent

    April 12, Chunghwa Telecom announced it will invest at least $ 45,000,000, with China Mobile, Google and KDDI of Japan joined hands to build a new undersea fiber optic cable, will connect Chiba, Japan, Singapore, China, China (Hong Kong), the Philippines and Brunei total length of 8900 km, the maximum data transmission capacity will be extended to 15Tbit / s, the project is expected to be completed in 2013. Meanwhile, the Republic of Maldives largest telecommunications operator Dhiraagu has announced construction of submarine networks open to the Maldives capital, Male, as the center, connecting north and south a total of eight islands, the project total length of 1017 km, the initial network bandwidth to 20Gbit / s.

    Institute of Science and Technology Institute submarine transit, professor level senior engineer Tao Xinhua said the international market, the demand for sea fiber optic cable up to tens of thousands of kilometers each year, while the price of submarine cable is about 10 million yuan (RMB) / km, the market size for the year billions of dollars. Recent natural disasters led to operators began to raise the quality requirements of the submarine cable.

    Planning and Design Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, Jiangsu sealed double fixed wing expert, said construction of submarine cable in the international arena there is an international rules, most of the coalition is in operation, the submarine cable is concerned, it is required a certain degree of disaster tolerance, submarine cable failure, the maintenance more difficult, and the current operators in the domestic export lines for increasingly high bandwidth requirements, increase the number of exit routes, exit the circuit with a mouth and so on. But also for operators, transmission equipment, submarine repeaters need is great, but still provide small equipment manufacturers such as Huawei and other equipment manufacturers also bear some of the construction of submarine cable project.

    It is worth mentioning that the management of foreign communication engineering are quite different and the country will also, generally all the outsourcing, the enterprise total package, and then the second company will be outsourced. Tao Xinhua said ZTT-related projects are being conducted with cooperation of Huawei.

    Made submarine cable has not been fully recognized

    Domestic enterprises to produce a small number of undersea fiber optic cable is still the one hand, the scale has not been formed due to market demand, domestic submarine cable is still the other hand, can not be fully recognized.

    Tao Xinhua told reporters that the production of submarine transit technology and foreign levels of product quality has been pretty, but now faces the tender operators can not be recognized by the embarrassing situation. Among the various laboratory tests, ZTT submarine production can meet the technical standards is not only the actual deployment, however, often require the bidding party vendor products are practical cases, led to the successful bidder has failed to ZTT. Tao Xinhua said frankly that he had called a meeting in some domestic carriers to choose the domestic submarine cable, but the international line to follow the international bidding rules, we are still not nominated.

    In addition to international routes, the submarine cable is another application field of the monitoring network submarine, submarine installation of more sensors, then it is necessary to introduce a lot of undersea fiber optic cable. "Shanghai To build a test network in the seabed, ZTT still not nominated; Fuzhou to build undersea network between Taiwan and Taiwan for political reasons, so in an international tender, the transit is still not nominated." Tao Xinhua worried.

    The construction of submarine cable operators more common for a number of international investment and construction, if manufacturers can not enter the international market, the submarine cable products can not be recognized.

    The role of government should stand out

    Submarine cable market has been the monopoly of the market, a lot of Japan-US submarine cable companies have a very long history, domestic submarine cable in the international development of the road still needs to leveraging the government and relevant agencies to promote. The Government should take effective measures to minimize security threats submarine cable, submarine cable to ensure safe operation, and actively coordinate with foreign construction side and do the follow-up submarine cable protection. Strengthen coordination and cooperation with government departments to form a joint, good emergency response plan for Cable Protection and legislation, the establishment of long-term mechanisms for submarine cable protection. Hope that the relevant government departments in Cable Protection linkage mechanism, the routing control system construction, fishermen and other publicity and education to further strengthen their support. The safe operation of the cable in a timely manner the long-term risk assessment, improve the seabed protection programs, to promote the protection of submarine cable, submarine cable to ensure safe operation. Submarine cable protection, routing, monitoring, coordination with law enforcement involves many departments, to ensure the effectiveness of submarine cable protection, the proposed establishment of government-led submarine cable protection linkage mechanism, in submarine cable protection legislation, monitoring system construction, submarine cable route clearance and net follow-up submarine cable construction and so continue to give strong support.

    From the laying of submarine optical fiber cable line is mainly divided into two categories, including repeaters and two non-repeaters. No technical difficulty of the line repeaters low in this area, there are three national cable companies offer mature products, however, little market demand; line with the laying of submarine cable repeater difficult, repeaters need to be considered matching problems with the submarine cable, currently the only technology can provide such transit undersea fiber optic cable. From the submarine cable market, the international line between the length can reach thousands, even tens of thousands of kilometers of undersea fiber optic cable this is the main market. From the practical point of view, transit technology in a number of military submarine cable network has been applied, however, communication network operators is still a lack of application cases, it has become the submarine barrier towards the international market.

    Tao Xinhua said that the current transit technology for the development of overseas markets is also actively strive for a variety of international certification. Brought about by the Japanese submarine earthquake in terms of disruption, both need to carry out specific repair maintenance company, and undersea cable providers need to guarantee that the maintenance of submarine cable companies can meet the relevant indicators will be used, transit submarine technology products have to meet the requirements, and cost 12 million pounds of certified cost of certification success.

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