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What small and medium business community rules of survival in case of difficulties the most appropriate

    At present, SMEs operating difficulties appeared and a half or even cut-off cut-off phenomenon. It is estimated that the overlay of many factors, the impact, resulting in profit margin has dropped to 1.44% or so. To stock, power supply shortages and tightening monetary policy and proactive adjustment of economic structure of industrial growth led to decline. Industrial efficiency continued to drop, some difficulties in production and operation of SMEs, business environment, macro-tolerance policy to the test.

    Although the absolute growth rate of industrial enterprise efficiency and not too low, but it must be noted that the trend of continuous decline. Meanwhile, losses of loss-making enterprises and increasing the number of loss-making enterprises, which means losses are continuously expanding, the first quarter of 2011 Accumulated losses increased 27.81% year on year, increasing 5.61 percentage points last month, swing chain the number of loss-making enterprises increased 2.06% year on year, 0.22 percentage point increase over the previous month.

    Recent time-consuming and more than two months the National Federation of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and systematic survey in 16 provinces found that small and medium enterprises especially small and micro business conditions, iron chain than in 2008 when the financial crisis more difficult.

    Looking at the situation from Guangdong, the first quarter of this year, Guangdong 37300 scale industrial enterprises realized profits of about 92.3 billion yuan, an increase of 10.4%, an increase over January-February dropped 12.5 percentage points higher than last year, down 26.1 percent over the same period.

    The monitoring of Wenzhou City Economic and Trade Commission show that the first three months of this year, the city glasses, lighters, pens, locks and other export-oriented enterprises 35 sales value fell 7%, profit fell 30%, and the amount of business orders appears to decrease. industry average profit margin was 3.1%, more than 5% of the enterprises profit margins less than 10.

    In addition to rising costs, heavy taxes and other issues, the policy control as the main reason. Has raised the deposit reserve ratio and control of credit throughout the year, tight credit lines to commercial banks, many small and medium enterprises and individuals have to seek private lending funds resulting in private lending interest rates generally go up, even the recent high of 100% per annum, "SME financing chain is experiencing unprecedented challenges."

    Many owners are proud, exultant talk at length about the advantages of the so-called product, in my opinion, the most compelling features of the product is just simply not a selling point with lethal dip side, to know the characteristics of products and selling is not the same thing, if you do not understand this point, often to disastrous. But many owners do not know much because the market is not transparent, often the characteristics of the product as a selling point, and finally, the product took a plunge is not surprising.

    For this, the famous brand marketing expert Mr. Yu Fei pointed out that both the new product or not, for investment worth mentioning, first and foremost task before us is to first check their own fully prepared No, this can be from the following three ways, First, what is your product selling points, this point can not be vague and, frankly speaking, the specific demands and product positioning can not be biased, the key is to sell products to sell themselves as different, not better than others and so, in particular, is not to features and selling points should not confuse, this is two different things; Second, you provide valuable market solutions, which means the products related to practical operation of how the profit model in the market, only the best for you before is the best, do not follow the so-called superstition, or follow the trend of the market people create miracles XX model, to know it is not for you. Should be aware of a product in order to avoid the brutal killing of the Red Sea, the integration of resources is the foundation, how to activate is fundamental. Blue Ocean Chile Colombia for customer service, often according to the customer's specific conditions, and finally to promote programs and tailored to the relevant operating mode, so it is very destructive in the market; Third, you'll be the consumer or What dealers of personalized service means. Now, whether it is sales promotion, or investment strategy, our tactics are similar, this time, if you personalize things do not appear, it is difficult to really attract people is the final product resulting from the collapse.

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