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High-yield steel industry under the illusion of many interesting economic

    Inconsistent macro-economic and micro-industry phenomenon, is the Securities Times survey of the greatest feelings of iron and steel enterprises, the industry "fundamentals" artsy.

    April crude steel output in China hit a new high, but the stock has decreased significantly compared with last year's highs and commodity steel prices also fell in the round strong exception, it seems that showing a booming demand and supply situation. To understand the true state of industry fundamentals, swing chain Securities Times reporter recently visited Shanghai and Sichuan, some of the iron and steel production and trade enterprises.

    Poor traders not to hoard goods is expected to

    Shanghai Baoshan iron and steel industry center of China, in addition to very large area in Baoshan Iron and Steel Company, also gathered a large and small production, processing enterprises, as well known in the industry, a virtual monopoly on trade in Shanghai, Fujian Zhouning steel business to help.

    Along the way along the line of Metro Line, you can see factories, warehouses, cranes, crane and other symbols of modern industry, and its peak position is often a microcosm of China's economic boom. But with the 2009, 2010, iron chain compared to a lot of it seems deserted.

    Shanghai Zhong Ding reporter went to the steel warehouse, huge warehouse, only two out of three vehicles, five or six workers are rest and chat. Zhong Ding Steel is a steel processing, steel storage for the integrated enterprise, storage area of ??20,000 square meters, the storage capacity of 10 tons.

    According to Zhong Ding Cui Yuting, head of the steel business briefing, steel stocks to the highest end of the year, when 10 million tons, began to decline after March, now down to 70,000 tons, a decline of about 30%, mainly because traders are reluctant to order, So storage business is not very good.

    At present, many industries are going through a process to inventory. 3 Development and Reform Commission published the end of the country's industrial enterprises finished goods inventory data, this index increased by 23.2% year on year. According to statistics, as of the end of March, the carrying amount of inventories of listed companies has reached 3.53 trillion yuan, more than pre-crisis level, reaching record highs. Among them, non-ferrous metals, real estate, energy stocks the largest number of enterprises.

    Zhong Ding reporters closer look at warehouse, but noted that steel stocks are not expected in a serious backlog, in addition to a small group of steel production in 2010 has been rusting pile in the corner, most goods are relatively new, such as the production date is 2011 5 The lot number 3 February 109631S01 Hebei Handan branch of the pickling of steel strip, the production date of February 2011 in Maanshan Iron and Steel cold-rolled steel strip, in April 2011 the Wuhan Iron and Steel hot dip galvanized volumes, and for the construction industry rebar, wire rod but did not find one.

    In addition, a new route west of the spot trading platform for monitoring data show that 24 major markets nationwide last week, rebar inventories 5.97 million tons, ring than reduced by 15 million tons, and most of the 7.91 million tons compared with the beginning of a drop of nearly 200 million tons. National Hot-rolled coil stock 4.35 million tons, the highest in October last year 5.34 million tons reduced by 100 million tons. Shanghai Zhong Ding in terms of library, or west of the national data, the steel inventory is not serious.

    It is engaged in steel trade, industry, general manager of Master Po Yu Ying Yao Hung introduced, in fact, the traders are in low inventory. General traders operating idea is that market is good and more into some of the goods, otherwise little progress. Demand for the automotive industry is now relatively poor, most of extruded sheet stock to go downstream products, but relatively speaking, demand for affordable housing on the drive to a larger steel.

    China's auto market growth for two consecutive years the myth was finally broken in April car sales there since February 2009 for the first time since 27 months of negative growth. In the steel industry, for automotive sheet metal has been considered a financial and technical barriers and high-end variety, while the construction class with a small steel wire is considered the continent can produce the goods, the passage of time, but the status of the two With the dramatic change in fundamentals.

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