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Playing a new creative era hardware market

   Home hardware according to the current set can be divided into two major categories of general and special, the former including the hinge, hinges, slides, etc., which includes bathroom and kitchen hardware pendant. Including hinges, slides, hinges and locks the most frequently used in life, and thus even more important. In recent years, due to increasing consumer demand for metal parts made more demand and higher requirements.

    Take the furniture industry, the furniture is mainly reflected in the quality and grade of the selection of hardware accessories. swing chain Furniture inconvenience, in large part because the improper selection of furniture hardware accessories, or lack of result. The industry saying goes: "As long as there is a corresponding hardware accessories, very complex multi-functional furniture can make it." Industry source said, in furniture hardware accessories accounted for 5% of the value, but accounted for 85% of running comfort. Furniture and hardware accessories can be seen in the importance of home decoration.

    Previously,iron chain home hardware is more emphasis on its mechanical properties, corrosion, moisture, activities, fatigue and other quality parts. According to report, in the increasing demand for personalized decoration and integrity of today, household consumption in Chengdu, home hardware in addition to meet the above functionality, but also has some bright spots in the decorative and supporting style with the overall home improvement integrity. Constant U.S. building materials company official told reporters, took the most common handle, the current market, in addition to stainless steel salad hands, there are black, bronze, light chrome, pearl nickel plus lacquer, in shape, with European, Chinese , routine, alien, etc., can meet the diverse needs of consumers.

    Home Hardware intelligence a major trend now is to face reporters in a telephone interview, Mr. Sheng said the head of fashion hardware, home life more and more important in terms of individuals, the comfort of home demand more and more. Now people want the lazy-style way of life, began to demand more and more user-friendly hardware and intelligent. This is in the hardware used up to 35% of the cabinet industry reflect more clearly. Introduction of foreign high-end cabinets are now electronic smart pumping field, to achieve the cabinet "no handle," the simple design, "explosive." Resistance to the use of new rail, to achieve a strong cabinet drawer load, no rebound, no leakage, while extending the life of slide resistance. In the integrated bathroom design, bathroom accessories automatically adjust the water temperature, card locks, automatic doors, sensor switch, also started to enter the lives of each one of us, for the traditional home to the intelligent direction provided the necessary conditions.

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