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Small steel enterprises imported ore Dan Sancheng hungry Jiangsu ports failed

     Learned from the State Administration of Quality Supervision, in the first 4 months of imports in Jiangsu part of the port with the contract does not match the quality of ore, impurities too much, there are nearly forty percent of the ore failed.

     According to Jiangsu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Statistics, 1 April 2011, Jiangsu port inspection of imported minerals 2289 approved a total value of $ 8,060,000,000, an increase of 10.21%, respectively,swing chain and 40.49%. Batch of 827 batches failed, the failure rate of 36.13 percent, the value of $ 2,207,000,000 involved. Of which 800 batches failed, mostly because of iron content does not match with the contract requirements and so on.

     Jiangyin Port of Jiangyin Inspection and Quarantine, according to Director of the Office lord Hing introduction,iron chain this situation has occurred in the past two or three years. Ore up to the current 60% failure rate, this part came from Southeast Asia; but Australia, Brazil and Iran, imports of ore quality Shangqie normal.

     It is understood that iron ore imports failed the main reasons is the iron content is lower than the minimum value of the contract or reject the value, impurity content higher than the contract limit. In addition, the problems include water higher than the highest value of the contract, size does not meet the contract provisions. Among them, the water exceeded the iron ore increased significantly.

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