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Chile's copper output in April fell by over 3.9% in 2010

   Chile's copper output in April fell 3.9% from a year earlier to 438,340 tons. Chile's copper output accounted for one third of global output.

    Integrated media reported on May 31, National Bureau of Statistics said on Monday in Chile, Chile produced 438,340 tonnes in April of copper, down 3.9% from a year earlier. April copper ore grades decline is affected by the problem, swing chain transportation and shipment of equipment failure and maintenance of crushed ore.

    National Bureau of Statistics said the April 1-Chile copper output fell 1.2% year over year to 1,707,755 tons. April copper concentrate production increased copper content of 12.9% over last year to 219,659 tons.

    Bureau of Statistics said in April copper cathode output down 3.5% from a year earlier to 217,001 tons.

    In addition to producing the world's largest foreign copper, Chile is the world's major molybdenum, iodine,iron chain lithium, gold (1537.10,0.80,0.05%) and silver-producing countries.

    According to the latest government data show, mining accounted for about 20% of Chile's GDP.

    April molybdenum production was 3,597 tons, 2,745 tons over last year's increase of 31%. Molybdenum production from January to April increased by 35% a year earlier to 14,043 tons.

    Gold and silver production increased over the same period were 22.1% and 17.3%.


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