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Improvement in the global steel market situation risks of domestic steel prices

   May 28-29 hosted by the Shanghai Futures Exchange, "the Eighth Shanghai Derivatives Market Forum" in Shanghai's Pudong Shangri-La Hotel. The forum's theme of "economic recovery and instability in the futures market: functioning and risk management." The following is the Metallurgical Industry Planning Research Institute Li Record created speech.

    Li Chong: Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good afternoon! Shanghai Derivatives Market Forum congratulated the Eighth International Symposium on the successful convening of steel, but also thank the Assembly for giving me this opportunity to share with, reporting. We all know that I am now the Deputy Secretary-General of China Iron and Steel Association, I also was president of China Metallurgical Industry Planning Institute, swing chain the morning should be said, on behalf of Romania, president of China Iron and Steel Association to tell you to do a very good report. Here I represent the Metallurgical Industry Planning Institute, to communicate with you. To a few times, very happy, a lot of old friends, should be said, and now the development of Chinese iron and steel industry, the morning the two leaders made a very good report, to talk more in-depth is also very difficult. Fortunately, the morning is the official, the afternoon is the research institutions, research institutions, is the unofficial, you can Imagine, So I called the prospect of the subject.

    Closer to home, iron chain the development of Chinese iron and steel industry can not do without China's economic development and China's economic structure, as we also have to look at this vision of global development. Because the Chinese economy and China's steel has been with the world economy, world steel inseparable, the increasing influence. So today I talk about three aspects of China's steel development prospects. First, from a development point of view about how to look at the characteristics of the steel industry. I second the entire iron and steel development perspective, "second five" macro-analysis. The third is that we are more concerned about the development and prospects of steel.

    Improvement in the global steel market situation risks of domestic steel prices

    On the Chinese iron and steel as well as the current characteristics, different people may give different from the characteristics of different angles, I put it simply summarized as the Chinese steel industry has entered a high-volume low-margin period of development. Why not call the low-effective? It should be said, if we simply talk about the low efficiency, should ignore the steel industry to the national economy, contribution to society, so I am speaking here of a "low profit" stage of development. I simply summed up in three high and two low phenomenon. The current market demand for steel has remained high, but the steel production in all aspects of the national economy in time to meet the needs and higher yields, due to the rapid development of steel industry, iron and steel industry development constraints, could not keep up with timely, so there steel industrial production in the face of cost pressures higher. We all know the conditions of raw materials, we are persistently high, now is the electricity shortage and so on. Therefore, the cost of steel to withstand higher pressures. The three decided to present another job facing the steel industry in the form of embarrassingly, is called profit is very low. The first is low, if you take out the steel industry a variety of business, main business profit margin lower. The second lowest, the steel industry Ninth, fifth, eleventh five-stage of rapid development into a low stage of development, is my current brief summary of the steel industry in the form of so few features.

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