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Analysis resurgence of anti-dumping export puzzle Electrical storm Weapon

   As China continued to grow and develop mechanical and electrical industry, mechanical and electrical parts of foreign trade enterprises have gradually with international practice. But in the course of competition with foreign enterprises, foreign competition in the normal course of business not win, they often limit the use of trade remedy measures to suppress the relevant export enterprises in China, making the export of electromechanical products trade friction has become the way of the highway, "Tigers."

    April 28,swing chain Canada Border Services Agency announced, originating in China and China Taiwan carbon steel and stainless steel fasteners for interim review of anti-dumping investigation to determine the main contents of the product concerned for the re-normal value and export price.

    May 4, the official daily newspaper published in Argentina in 2011 Arab-Israeli Ministry of Industry No. 148 resolutions, decisions imposed on electric heaters made in China, 138.26 percent anti-dumping duties.

    International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa has issued a notice on the origin of the bolts and nuts of iron or steel in China in anti-dumping sunset review final ruling, decided to continue the anti-dumping duties levied on products involved, the Chinese fastener exports to South Africa once again blocked.

    Why do foreign companies want to suppress the total export of electromechanical products in China? The reason is, first, the development of China's integration into the world, the variety and quantity of exports increased year by year, with some western countries or the emerging relationship between the formation of a competition, they believe that China has replaced the original position of the suspect; Second,iron chain various trade protectionism, especially after the financial crisis, all against the WTO, trade protection is getting worse.

    According to Xiao Bian understanding of foreign anti-dumping investigations initiated by China, resulting in China's export is difficult, but also severely damaged the majority of these countries the interests of downstream users and consumers. Therefore, export-oriented enterprises must actively adjust the electrical and mechanical development, so that the product mix to high-end chain on the go, in the international market, you should advance to do a comprehensive analysis of their own.

    Currently, mechanical and electrical export enterprises has reached 11 million more than in excess capacity, the core competitiveness is not strong, serious cases of homogenization, simply release the business, leading to excessive body, good and bad, low prices and even cut-throat competition has become the primary means to open up markets. Product quality is not high, not own brand, the lack of core technology, service and marketing network outside the constraints behind the export of electromechanical products such as become the most important factor.

    So, before they themselves lack those aspects of mechanical and electrical enterprises should break it?

    The majority of mechanical and electrical companies to enhance the global vision, differentiated strategy to continuously improve the bargaining power. Industrial organization will need to give full play to link and strengthen the promotion, service, integration capabilities, know the rules, use rules. The parties to work together to build both price and non-price factors, the core competitiveness of Chinese products.

    Brand. Low-end products, competition from cheap Chinese hardware is the main reason for companies subject to anti-dumping, so to avoid anti-dumping, hardware, enterprises must enhance their own quality, technical upgrade and optimize the product and build brands. To sum up, to do the following three points: first, the introduction of new technology to improve product quality; second, the gradual development of new products take the high road; third, to improve management to enhance the utilization of raw materials.

    Open up new markets. China's hardware business in Europe suffered while responding to anti-dumping and open up new foreign markets in the imminent break. This is because the economy can not trade a few places in Europe and America get together, have a global vision to develop truly international market. If you just stare at a few areas, once encountered this collective organization as the EU anti-dumping sanctions, the losses will be huge.

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