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Siu Lam common technology platform hardware upgrades boost professional town

   "Since 2007, a total of 800 service enterprises, testing batches of 629 times, testing costs for enterprises to save more than 200 million received by the enterprise." Xiaolan, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, metal testing laboratory head said recently. It is understood, Xiaolan Xiaolan metal testing laboratory is for optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, metal products formed, the construction of the laboratory to avoid duplication of purchase test equipment business, greatly reduce test cost, effectively raising the Xiaolan Town Hardware Lock product quality.

    Zhongshan Science and Technology Bureau official said that at present has 15 professional, Zhongshan City,swing chain the town, the town is basically every profession has established a common technology platform for industrial, Xiaolan, Zhongshan City, has been successively, town, Nantou, Tai Chung, and other professional common platform for the town to give financial support, the next support will be gradually building the platform of other professional town, through the industrial common technology platform to accelerate industrial upgrading professional town.

    Productivity Promotion Center, Zhongshan City Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, home appliance innovation centers and other public technology platform of professional town in Guangdong Province was well known common platform.iron chain Productivity Promotion Center, Zhongshan City Xiaolan Town, built in 2001, the existing R & D more than 500 sets of testing equipment, with technical innovation, information services, personnel training, technology start-ups, quality testing and corporate finance services such as six, a total of 43 services entities, became the first established in the town a national demonstration PPC. Standing Deputy Director of Zhongshan City, Zhongshan City Xiaolan Town Party Secretary Huang Biao Quan said, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City Xiaolan Town Productivity Centre development of industrial clusters around the situation, to promote the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, cultivate new industries as a beacon to guide , to keep building professional service organizations, and improve services. Han believed the center is a modern design and manufacturing technology service centers, metal surface treatment centers, information technology and industrialization in Guangdong Province fusion center industrial upgrading and transformation division, industrial design, industrial park, providing mold rapid prototyping, surface treatment, information technology, product innovation and design, testing and inspection "one-stop" technology innovation services.

    "We will also speed up the implementation of the provinces of Guangdong Province to build the first private enterprise to enhance independent innovation projects, focusing on building technology innovation service system, service system design creativity and innovation, new industries to guide service system, three major system." Yellow tagged Quan said .

    South Town home appliance industry in the limited land space to achieve a rapid growth, which is located in Nantou Town, Zhongshan City Appliance Innovation Center are inseparable. Innovation Center, Zhongshan City, the establishment of home appliances led the development of the city's off home appliance industry. It is understood, Zhongshan City, has set up an innovation center appliance service appliances business has accumulated more than 5,000 service projects totaled more than 9000, 2010 service revenue 17.59 million yuan, an increase of 145%. 2010 South Town, only household appliance industry to add value of about 25 billion yuan, up 25%; household electrical appliance enterprises accumulated 1,943 patents, including patent applications in 2010 were 834, 32.4% application increased. Home appliance industry, Zhongshan City, the independent innovation capability and core competitiveness of the rapid increases in home appliance innovation center, Zhongshan City, is currently carried out in all kinds of innovative services has covered Zhongshan, Shunde, over the Pearl River Delta region, as well as the future of Guangdong Zhongshan radiation driven home appliance industry .

    It is learned that science and technology sector in Zhongshan City, "during" start professional town and public innovation service platform special focus on helping public technology service platform construction, planning co-ordination by strengthening public technology service platform to guide complementary dislocation development.

    At the same time, Zhongshan City, capital allocation optimization of technological science and technology departments to concentrate financial resources to focus on financing public technical service platform, respectively, in 2008 and 2009, access to project home appliance innovation center in Zhongshan City, Zhongshan City, semiconductor lighting industrial common technology platform to support innovative services strength reached 500 million, effectively led the professional scientific and technological innovation into the town, South Town supporting more than 4000 million invested, Xiaolan Town, supporting more than 1,000 million invested, municipal levels in a strong financial force, quickly push public technical service platform on the scale, level, promote the professional town industry leaps and bounds.

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