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Liuzhou City intends to build large-scale mechanical and electrical hardware market

   La Road, Liuzhou, No. 2 chicken after another in the blue building high-shelf market, quite a concern. It is understood that this is still being built, a mechanical and electrical hardware market, a site area of ??broad, perfect and reasonable layout, built after the hardware market will improve the trading environment in Liuzhou.

     It is understood that the existing hardware market in Liuzhou, the majority of construction of the old, outdated facilities facade, a narrow space, both the constraints of the hardware market, the expansion of business,swing chain but also affect the approach to drive customers to buy. 2010 Remembrance Road expansion project, Yufeng District Government-led and government approval by the Liuzhou City, Liuzhou, south gate of five decided to fork (Chicken La Road between Road and Liu Dan), a more large-scale construction site Hardware mechanical and electrical markets, mainly due to Remembrance Road for the demolition of the old city reconstruction project placement in the industries. It is understood that the market is located in the traffic arteries, the first phase development of 63 acres, 60 million yuan investment to build more than 500 appearances, has access to channel 3, the market scaffolding structure, reasonable layout of the market, the main channel, 15 meters wide.

     2 June afternoon, I came to the earth Xin Electrical and Mechanical market, has seen a lot of window dressing to open the door pick up the main products are machinery and equipment, air compressors, bearings, drills,iron chain CNC machine tools, covering all mechanical and electrical hardware. Owners Tan Hongyan market introduction, she operated for many years in Liuzhou labor supplies, facade demolition, she has to go to other hardware market study, but the final choice of the market. Person in charge of market development, according to Lin Wei Ping said that the planning and design at the beginning, their operating characteristics of the hardware market research and listened to views of the owners, so at the land, the facade 15 meters road distance between the reserve to ensure smooth transportation. In addition, the wide area of ??the market site, the traffic is in obvious advantages, both new machinery, but also second-hand machinery, they strive to fight the Liuzhou City, the largest hardware market, but also inside and outside the radiation zone. Preparation of the market last year, has completed most of a small number of appearances is expected to be completed in August, 95% of the facade has been leased.

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