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Hardware and building materials companies listed or to set off a wave of

    Following the celebrity endorsements, cross-cutting business, the home building industry or to set off a market trend. In recent years, with the rise of many high-quality brand in circulation, home building materials brands brewing endless listing of news, many people believe that the future of home building materials market is the only way for enterprises bigger and stronger.

    Plug in the wings of Capital

    It is understood that in 2010, China's total output value of home building materials industry has exceeded 1 trillion yuan for the first time more than the car industry. Statistics show that China has formed a scale of up to 80,000 home building materials companies. Although many brands, but consumers are familiar with the well-known brands, swing chain there are few. In recent years, despite China's rapid development of home building materials industry, but less original design, plagiarism and more, and most of the sales channels will be controlled at the hands of dealers, a slight sign of trouble, enterprises will be affected by the deadly. For example, the introduction of a production line of imported furniture to be easily more than 1,000 yuan. Enterprises are facing financial pressure, iron chain simply relying on their own before the accumulation of rolling development has been far from satisfying the huge demand for funds. Enterprises to achieve rapid expansion, increased ability to cope with market risks, to have to rely on the power of capital. Plug in the capital of the wings, and enterprises will achieve the fastest expansion.

    United States grams of furniture manufacturing group, for example, the United States of America grams grams Group International Furniture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Markor) in 2000, landing in Shanghai Stock Exchange. November 2000, the United States grams of shares to raise funds through an initial public offering 510 million yuan, the Board will be one of the 2 billion for the construction of domestic furniture chain sales network. According to general manager of German investment banking securities Fei introduced Markor 1.2 billion in financing in 2010. Of these, 5 billion for the acquisition of shares, the remaining funds for the expansion of chain size.

    Looking forward to leading enterprises listed on

    According to industry analysis, financing listing covers a wide range of interests involved many twists and turns the process. Breakdown of home building materials have been successfully listed companies, mostly from a few years ago to start brewing the listing, but repeatedly delayed. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of people recognize the domestic home building materials companies have started or are about to IPO.

    Clearly, regardless of whether a company can successfully market, has begun or will soon at least an initial public offering of home building materials industry, the new changes in 2011. Everyone has their own development of new thinking, integration of resources, the formation of alliances has become a trend. Macalline Group has a foreign background, financial capacity and ability to expand operations in the industry second to none, early in 2012 to call for a listing of the slogan. House was in Beijing Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., month, although the Star Group, mainly its own funds, but the industry also has high visibility, market reach.

    Meanwhile, shares in Quanzhou, Fujian Province river stone, nine, animal husbandry Group, 10 companies have embarked on a restructuring of the road. In addition, the Shenzhen Furniture Trade Association also reported attempts to rely on exhibitions, industry, Education and other listed information.

    Games in the capital markets

    As capital markets become increasingly inclined to the home building industry, are constantly changing outside of home building materials industry has long been that the impression of a small industry. Insiders believe that the current trend of China's economic duality serious, difficult to reconcile in a variety of capital on the occasion, to learn from the capitalist nest, it is worth trying.

    A rare financial crisis has brought trouble to many SMEs, some of the major home building companies are eager to move closer to the capital. Listed apparently become fast to raise funds to enhance brand quality and achieve industrial upgrading and the rapid expansion of the effective ways.

    Insiders pointed out that domestic and international private equity and venture capital industry has become increasingly concerned about China's domestic building materials industry, home building materials enterprises in China's capital operation has become the focal point of the industry.

    Home building materials enterprises to enter the capital market, the process is to promote transparency in the process of gradually moving toward the industry. While competition is fierce, but necessary transformation journey.

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