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« Hardware and building materials companies listed or to set off a wave ofShenluda move into the bathroom again and again high-end market »

Zhongshan manufacturing to high-end graft new technology into the traditional industries

    In the January 13, 2011 in Zhongshan City of all seven second (enlarged) meeting, industry restructuring and upgrading to become a hot topic. The face of the "Eleventh Five-Year" achievements, the participants from the rational analysis of the township's "Twelfth Five-Year" Plan the difficulties and opportunities, swing chain have put forward new ideas: based on "three hundred" strategy, with the new transformation to upgrade traditional industries, develop advanced manufacturing and emerging industries, to enhance and optimize the industry structure.

    Grafting new technology industries, traditional industries, from "low" to "high end"

    One is the traditional lighting city, one town hardware plastic product features, Xiaolan town, and now bent their sights on the LED industry. January 13, 2011, deputy director of Municipal People's Congress, Party Secretary Huang Xiaolan standard springs, ancient town of more than tin pot town party secretary, referring to the town when the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, are mentioned in the graft through advanced technology, play to local advantages, the development of emerging LED industry. iron chain Xiaolan Town Hardware Plastic is the traditional competitive industries. Biao Huang Quan said, the town just the production of metal plastic support for LED industry, on the one hand, traditional industries to promote the development of emerging industries, on the other hand, emerging industry driving the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Yellow Springs on the industry standard to enhance the quality of talent is particularly concerned about. "On the one hand, we started the training of technical personnel, on the other hand, we offer LED in the application of professional vocational schools, to achieve both 'pull' effect, improve the quality of talent to promote industrial development, while stimulating the development of the industry the quality of talent increase. "

    "Create a market, a common technology platform for the development of a base, five center, a demonstration project." Turning to town lighting industry, the development of ideas, I said tin basin, a market that the country's largest LED exhibition center, a common platform of technology, that technology innovation, intellectual property protection, talent and other common platform, a base that solar LED lighting base; five centers, the innovation center, centers, distribution centers, network centers, technology centers; a model project, that the implementation of the central business district in the town LED landscape lighting demonstration project, and vigorously build "LEDCITY." R & D is to develop core competitiveness of key industries. "I tin pots also said for the traditional industries into the culture, the development of industrial culture. The town is being developed lighting history and culture museum, the first input 10 million yuan, plans on display since the Warring States Period more than 2,000 historical classic lamp lighting.

    "Improve the industrial chain, variable 'low' to 'high'." Dongfeng Town official said, small appliances to high-end traditional industries are in transition. Town enterprises such as General Iron features a number of automotive electronics company are fused and become experts in the line; Manchester United became the development of national standards Soymilk deputy head of unit sales in the industry ranked third and so on.

    The introduction of large projects, concentration of advanced manufacturing

    Torch put the development of advanced manufacturing area to build modern industrial system as a major objective. "For example, the introduction of large projects we are now in the ship, the iron in the machine, there are clearly positive, healthy pharmaceutical industry are all we need to go all out this year we will focus on the following aspects: First, the introduction of the enterprises will work actively contributing to their rapid production, up to property; second project under negotiation, we signed up to implement them; Third, we have a number of large projects under negotiation, we must actively promote. "Torch Zone Master Ren Liangxin said.

    Torch District, proposed, and strive to foster use of 5 years or so annual turnover of 5.0 billion of 10 enterprises, 20 enterprises of 20 billion yuan in output value. To achieve this goal, the formal launch of the torch area of ??the "1 +5 +10 new policy that requires all belonged to the industrial companies, in accordance with the" three high "that high-tech, high investment, high value, the" two low "is low consumption, low the principle of pollution, the introduction of an annual output value reached 100 billion of major projects, the introduction of five high-tech projects and 10 projects of modern service industry. "To achieve this goal, by adjusting, and strive to bring advanced equipment manufacturing, high-end electronics information, health medicine, new energy, such as the torch of modern service industry zone 'second five' planned five new strategic industries. In the advanced equipment manufacturing industry, for the year in the re-introduction of five major projects. "According to reports, the high-end electronic information industry, the torch will focus on the development of the video area, backlight module, panel, LED display, color printer, microelectronics, electronics and other applications. Construction of sea LCD optoelectronic industry base, with a color printer technology industry base, Hsien Microelectronics Technology Park. 2015 towards 100 billion yuan output value of electronic information industry.

    Based on "three hundred" to enhance the quality of enterprise development

    "In the future five years, we will play a 'three corners' role, focusing on the development of businesses in the region to enhance the quality of the town." Yellow zeko Triangle town mayor said. "A Corner" is to promote the transformation of traditional industries and 30 "no tradition of the industry, only behind the business, to promote the electroplating, textile and other traditional enterprises to technology-intensive, capital-intensive." "The second angle" refers to the guide and lead the 30 foreign-funded enterprises to develop domestic and international emerging markets; Delta town of more foreign-invested enterprises, the current development in Southeast Asia and other emerging markets have been paying off. "The third angle" refers to the guide 30 domestic private enterprises bigger and stronger, occupy a larger market space. "Currently, we are with the Shenzhen and Guangzhou, BPC, founded FRANCISCO Industrial Park, nearly Jiucheng merchants signed, Liu Cheng enterprises stationed, the Triangle town of technological innovation will become the driving force." Yellow zeko said. Dongfeng Town, person in charge said, the town in accordance with the City to determine the "three hundred" strategy, focusing on large projects to nurture large enterprises combined with adjusting the industrial structure, guide and nurture "Tianyi" and "America" ??and other high-quality replenishment of the expansion project. "I only based on the stock of the town of optimization, but also focus on the incremental expansion, now I reached the town of 2,900 private industrial enterprises and more than 31 million businesses, over 5.0 billion business 2, the local private enterprises have become the leading backbone to promote rapid economic development in my town 'accelerator'.

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