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Shenluda move into the bathroom again and again high-end market

    April 22, China National Hardware Association Zhang Dongli, Deputy Secretary-General Lu Chi-Ying, architectural hardware branch of the Secretary-General visited the Tao Peizhen Shenluda Group set up by the Chinese water culture museum. The museum exhibit as the main water tap, tap introduces the historical development of evolution and its future development, Imagination, and disseminate water-saving, energy conservation and other public welfare culture, the museum is still the first in the industry.

    It is understood that the water culture, the British Museum are located in the town of Nanan, Fujian Heng Osaka Shenluda valve base Industrial Park, construction area of ??2,000 square meters, is chairman of Hong Guangming Shenluda Group launched initiatives built Shenluda Co., Ltd. invested in the construction . In March 2010 started construction, has an initial opening, the latter will be further improved. The current museum exhibition taps product development is mainly the history of some of the products exhibited, in addition to a warning to consumers, product knowledge, how to save water, protect water resources and other aspects,swing chain all of the museum building the public purpose will be open free to the community.

    Warm Fund launched

    April 23, Shenluda Co., Ltd. China plans warm "Shenluda warm Fund" ceremony in Quanzhou City of Fujian Province Shenluda Museum held a grand life experience. China National Hardware Association Zhang Dongli, Deputy Secretary-General Lu Chi-Ying, China Children and Teenagers Foundation, the Secretary-General Xiao-Xia Chen,iron chain Quanzhou City Vice Mayor Jung-Chou Chen, Hong Jian Shenluda Co., Ltd., Quanzhou City, and some leaders attended the ceremony.

    It is understood that China plans warm Shenluda Shenluda Co., Ltd. is China Children and Teenagers Foundation, together, side by side, "the Qinghai Satellite TV" initiated and organized by a grant of Chinese girls return to school of social welfare activities, is hope that more caring people, so Chinese school girls can have their own classroom, bathed in "love" to grow up healthy and happy under brilliant. Shenluda Co., Ltd., Hong Jian City Shenluda company on behalf of the Children's Foundation donation to China 100 million, 100 million individuals and donations, as a startup fund. The main content of the warm Fund, the first three years, the difficulties award 56 girls to school, an annual subsidy of 56 Spring Bud schools. And promised, from now on, Shenluda tap the sale of each one to donate one dollar from the purchase price as a charitable fund. He strongly called on the community in action to support the concern for public welfare, subsidized school children return to school. Inspired by the city in Hong Jian, site visitors also have contributions to the dedication of a love for the school children.

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