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Hardware tools have to face the fashion industry, the individual needs of marketing

    Hardware industry is a great space for development. International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association head Luobai Hui, recently said on more than 80,000 consumer and retail, hardware market survey shows that 70% of the demand for metal products from home improvements, 40% of the product depends on Some hardware suppliers in the domestic supply capacity. More families would like to see more of the hardware products provided by retailers. But very unfortunately, our market research is still very limited. Zhuru After investigation, we found that in the entire kitchen design, there will be a 16% annual increase in market demand,swing chain but as a retailer, we must understand the market and customer needs, and then develop according to their needs solutions in this Xiaoshou the process should pay attention to several points.

    1, the individual needs

    In the world, the hardware industry is moving from traditional tool industry turned to the fashion industry. Personal consumption is tending to focus on quality, reasonable price and more options. Follow the trend, hardware retailers have no choice to the customers with innovative tools that meet their individual needs.

    2, the quality is the foundation

    At another level, the hardware sales of interpersonal relationships is a very important factor in triple, and in this factor, the quality is the foundation, good interpersonal skills but also help to open sales channels, iron chain the quality is guaranteed long-term cooperation.

    3, good publicity and promotion

    In a perfect product, based on the information to do well. Companies to be good at selling themselves, make themselves known. Through the promotion of the company's brand in the hardware industry, the quality advantage, financial advantage of their advantages such as to show up, so as to allow more customers to understand our colleagues to know us.

    Luobai Hui said that with the basis of product quality, how to become a key market. Between the same grades of products, should be good at the wrong marketing. Like horse racing, as in the marketing process, we use our second-class products and first-class product compared to others, then by our first-class products and compare his Grade, Grade, and his triple and other goods comparison. Know how to market dislocation, and vigorously promote products, positive enthusiasm for investment.


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