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Multi-function key technology of farm machinery and equipment start

     "Five-second" National Science and Technology Support Program, "Modern multi-function key technology of farm machinery and equipment" major project has started in Beijing, will invest 294 million yuan, major breakthroughs continuously variable transmission system, field operations and other critical navigation technology, and create 400 horsepower tractor and heavy-class intelligent cotton picker and other new products, farm machinery and equipment to enhance our manufacturing capacity.

    In addition, swing chain the project will establish the main food crops, typical crops, hills and mountains, paddy field operations and other light equipment to simplify the development and demonstration bases in 35 to 40, formed from the application of digital design to large-scale agricultural product of advanced manufacturing power, the main food crops full production equipment, production of key crops advantage equipment manufacturing base and industrial chain clusters.

    According to reports, in 2000, 2005 and 2009, agricultural industrial output have exceeded 500 billion yuan,iron chain 100 billion yuan and 2000 yuan, the average growth rate for 10 consecutive years, more than 25% in 2010 to more than 280 billion yuan, becoming the world the second largest agricultural machinery manufacturing country.

    However, although the fast pace of development, quality is the other people worrying. In 2010, the industry has $ 4 billion surplus, but mainly in the casting, the bridge, the technology is still weak. In addition, China is facing the field no one species of distress, the current product is still in the field of production process, some aspects have yet to break through the other issues.

    The experts pointed out that, by 2020, China's agricultural mechanization to achieve the basic, but many areas still present a blank, "let alone the level of a very tight schedule."

    To this end, as a "second" National Technology Support Program launched the first major project, the project will be technological innovation, agricultural equipment industry, strategic alliances director unit of China Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, organized and implemented the integration of industry advantages of resources, focus on advanced manufacturing , a major product development, equipment demonstrations throughout the three levels of 12 direction, focusing on breakthroughs in key technical problems.

    According to reports, the project team covering the main agricultural equipment, technology and key product areas of key enterprises, research institutes, universities and colleges a total of 84 units, bringing together the advantages of agricultural equipment industry personnel 706, the basic advantage of integrating the technology industry resources and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

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