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« China gears up four industrial development situation will occur2015 China's steel demand may rise again 25% »

Central bank reserve ratio at 6 aluminum affect the geometry

    People's Bank of China 14, the latest decision, from June 20, 2011, the raised deposit-taking financial institutions of RMB deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage points, the freezing of funds directly to 386.7 billion yuan, for the sixth time this year raised the deposit reserve ratio is the 12th increase since last year, which will allow large financial institutions, deposit reserve ratio of 21.5 percent of historic highs.

     14 am, swing chain National Bureau of Statistics announced in May the consumer index (CPI) rose 5.5%, up 0.1%; producer price index (PPI) rose 6.8%, inflation continues unabated, some market participants to me colored net, said: "Today's CPI forecast is almost the same with the major institutions, has been expected, raised interest rates as early as prospective or expected, should belong to the short-term advantage of this opportunity."

     Raising the deposit reserve ratio will make the financing of SMEs chain more nervous, had the difficult problem of corporate finance, this provides a further contraction of liquidity after the standard is undoubtedly worse. Capital chain tension so that enterprises more difficult to survive, while companies have to seek financing from other sources to pay extra high interest rates.

    iron chain Speaking to mention the potential impact on aluminum prices, traders said there is "face off for the capital of enterprises, there is no substantial influence on the upstream aluminum ingot for domestic producers larger than the size, but the proportion of loans is relatively fixed, mention should be little impact on production standards, and the aluminum price trend can not simply be to analyze from the financial side, will have to see lower demand, the domestic economic conditions. "

     In general, inflation mainly as rising prices, reduced purchasing power, demand reduction, etc., in the face not the busy season demand is not strong anomaly, aluminum prices rose in the June 7 after the subsequent slow down, it is difficult to maintain at a high price, there is no demand will hardly support the recent aluminum price rose.

     The beginning of this year, the central bank's determination to fight inflation has not changed from the National Development and Reform Commission announced today the central bank immediately after the CPI has decided to move to standard view, does not rule out the third quarter, the central bank will choose to raise interest rates again.

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