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2015 China's steel demand may rise again 25%

     China Iron and Steel Association forecasts show that the world's largest consumer economy in China's steel demand may rise in 2015 compared to 25 percent in 2010.

     swing chain China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) a senior named Luo meeting yesterday in Shanghai, said China's steel consumption in 2015 will increase the level of 2010, 12-25 percent to 7.5 million tons.

     In the past 30 years, China's economy at an average annual level of around 10% expansion, to stimulate the copper from the iron ore and coal and other commodities to the demand for iron ore is the main raw material of steel production.

     iron chain China's steel production in 2011 will be over 680 million tons, the association to another level on the day of the conference. "The forecast is based on China's economy will grow 9% this year in terms of forecast." He said.

     CISA said the Shanghai Futures Exchange has listed the list of medium to thick steel futures to help manufacturers and users to avoid price risk. Romania's top name, said: "China's steel production by 43% distribution of traders, which makes the price is very volatile."

     Chinese steel demand growth in 2015 will be up to 4.6% annual rate slowed to 2.6 percent, the association said in April. Chinese steel consumption, including inventory, in 2006-2010 the average rate of 17% per year, Bloomberg data show based CISA website.

     77 major Chinese steel manufacturers in the first four months of this year than last year's profit fell 2.1% to $ 5.1 billion.

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