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British car parts production fell short by 4.9%

     According to the British car manufacturers and Dealers Association (SocietyofMotorManufacturersandTraders, referred to as the SMMT) recently released data show that in May 2011 UK car production fell 4.9 percent, swing chain to 11 million. January to May 2011, total UK car production rose 3.7 percent to 59.4 million.

     The data show that last month the British production of 11 million vehicles, passenger car production is about 99,000, down 4.9 percent from a year earlier; Last month, the UK commercial vehicle production of about 10,200 over last year down 5%.

     iron chain It is understood that last month produced the majority of British cars for the export market. May the British car exports of 8.8 million units, accounting for 80.7% of UK car production, up 8.1 percent over last year; the same period the UK's car production for the domestic market has fallen sharply compared with last year's 36.6%, to 21000 , accounting for 19.3% of UK car production.

     SMMT chief executive Aiwo Te (PaulEveritt) said: "Although parts from Japan of supply shortages, but in May the UK car production fell only 4.9%."

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