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Ninghai County personnel training to promote the development of mold industry in leaps and bounds

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     June 16, Ninghai County, mold design and manufacture of schools in the county vocational education center was set up. This is to adapt to the rapid development of Ninghai County, mold manufacturing situation, accelerate the mold training, mold industry to promote Ninghai leaps and bounds, the county Board of Education, Economic Development Board integration of government departments, businesses, industries, schools, and other various resources and the establishment of joint forces.

     Currently, Ninghai County, has mold and die business shop more than 2,000 companies, more than 500 professional manufacturer of mold, industrial output value of about 50 million.

     Ninghai mold design and manufacturing center for the school to Ninghai vocational education base, iron chain give full play to the competent government departments, professional schools, the mold industry associations, their respective advantages mold companies, mold around the training to carry out multi-level, three-dimensional cooperation to achieve common educational , co-educational, co-development, a new mechanism of cooperation and common development, continuously improve and expand services to mold industry's ability to accelerate high-quality mold training, mold industry for the development of Ninghai security and intelligence personnel to support and promote Ninghai Mould industry healthy and rapid development.

     Ninghai mold industry for local economic development played an important role. Expanding application areas of mold, tooling CAD / CAM to the set, intelligence, and network development, mold products to large, sophisticated, standardized direction, to adapt to modern needs a large number of high-quality die mold industry professionals.

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